Mean Ballbusting

Mean ballbusting photos you are probably already looking at are some of the top rated cock and balls torture femdom pics I’ve seen recently. The reason for that is not only the cruelty shown in this kinky ball busting episode. Considering there is much extreme ballbusting porn available here at Femdom Destiny, the real answer why this hard ballbusting femdom session is so good is actually the Mistress.

Looking so hot and sexy means a lot, especially when ruined orgasm is one of the things on Domme’s mind. Is there a better way to fuck up a femdom slave than to destroy his sweetest moment? Actually there is if you ask me but I will leave that for some other time. Femdom ballbusting is still one of the top ranked ways to punish submissive men.

Mean Ballbusting – porn experience you deserve

So who is this beautiful lady combining pain and pleasure so successfully? You probably already know about best porn stars femdoms list and this brat princess is one of those femdom humiliation ladies featured there. Her real and full name is Vanessa Cabanillas. She is an American Latino pornstar known better by her public name Cassandra Cruz.

female domination teasing

OK, so now when you know where to discover pornstars into female supremacy, let’s get back to the essence of this page and that is high quality mean ballbusting torture. Just as with the majority of other popular homemade female domination methods, there is no need for the additional tools that will ensure proper treatment of a helpless man. The real beauty of adorably awkward balls torture is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. 

Actually, the slave doesn’t even have to be naked. If a kick in the groins if hard enough, there is no clothing that will help him save his groins. Still, there is nothing better than to spectate tiny dick being punched and kicked instead of counting only on slave’s reactions to the pain.

brutal balls beating

And yes, there is always a lot of pain when it comes to ballbusting free porn. Discomfort can be so terrible that men can literally fall to the ground and lose consciousness for a while. It is hard to predict will this happen so the only thing left for a Mistress is to deliver enough pressure on slave’s balls. 

This is exactly what you are looking at photos up and below. Hottest recommended balls torture action always consist of different types of hitting or slapping. Femdom Goddess Cassandra is following this recommendation so she hits balls first with her fist. Brutal femdom balls beating and slapping would probably be enough already but this kinky Mistress featured in porn movies simply won’t stop there.

mean ballbusting

As you can see on the brutal CBT kicking pic above (photo is actually taken from the exclusive femdom torture video), Latino femdom Mistress suddenly started delivering brutal kicks in balls. Smart decision because legs are much stronger than hands no matter what people think. All those muscles we are all using for walking on a daily basis can be a tremendous tool for the torture of useless men. I would say that what you are looking at right now, is the perfect example of what I am talking about.

hot femdom CBT Mistress

Having enough experience with various role play fetish and pussy licking scenarios, dark-haired Mistress knows the importance of erotic seduction and how it can be a useful way of controlling men. The picture above is showing her actually teasing a slave by putting herself in such a position that he can watch that perfect dominant ass from the close.

But don’t get it wrong, even now, she is not stopping with putting pressure on submissive’s balls. Even a heel is a tool powerful enough if force is properly deployed. Clearly, Domina knows perfectly what she is doing. A good slave is always a horny slave and she intends to keep it this way. 

Let me tell you a small secret every serious Dominatrix knows. When a woman wants to start making the slave suffer through ballbusting, in ideal scenario his balls should be full of sperm. Why is that? Well, there are three main reasons. First one is horniness as explained above. Horny guy is always easier to control and it takes less effort than when a man is not horny. Simply speaking, sexually aroused slaves are more obedient and easier to manipulate.

The second reason is the sensitivity of genitals. It is the nature of the human body. In the same way as it takes less touching and stimulation to cum when your testicles are full, similar applies to sensitivity to pain. Ballbusted sub will fill more pain with balls full of semen. 

And the third and probably most popular reason is ruining of slave’s orgasm. I would define it as a bonus humiliation at the end of an already good session. It is not necessarily part of a ballbusting but if a Mistress finish fetish gathering this way, she will feel more successful knowing that her sub is now totally ruined. Of course, femdom cock stimulation and handjob always comes first before denied orgasm.

knee ballbusting

So the only thing left now before sending a slave to the ground is a final hit to penis and testicles. The best way is to do it from a close to keep the momentum of a hit. Just as with other ballbusting best video restricted to adults, sexy Goddess is finishing what she started with a harsh hit to the balls, this time with her knee! More than enough to send him directly to the floor. Hit was so terrible that the slave’s nervous system collapsed immediately.

femdom cock stomp

Few moments after, when a slave regained conciseness, he finally thought that this agony is over. But once again in his miserable life, the slave is wrong! To ensure suffering and successfulness of a CBT domination session, kinky Mistress proceeded with cock trampling as the final stage. After this, there is no much to tell except to recommend you to learn more about best ballbusting femdom websites and find out more about site wherefrom these CBT photos are taken.

Mean Ballbusting
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