Medical Mistress

Medical Mistress and a kinky dominatrix, Fetish Nelja is conducting a special kind of experiment. yes I know, she has a very strange name but you should see some of her medical femdom sessions and you will figure out what strange really means. She is famous in her kinky medical exams and slaves inspection. Some of her methods are very cruel but that is the only thing that is really pleasing her. Basically, she always wanted to know what are the real limits for male slaves. Putting them through various testing and improvisations will hopefully give her a good answer. 

You know, doing just the regular stuff like pegging, cock and balls torture, or femdom choking is simply not enough. She noticed that stronger slaves become kind of resistant to all this. Of course, it takes some time to get there, but still, it happens. Fetish Nelja has a solution to this problem. Combining multiple femdom torture methods while a slave is totally helpless and tied on the gyn chair sounds like the good solution. 

Idea is to make him hard to breathe by putting an old gas mask over his face. When tortured, the body is trying to resist and that takes more oxygen. A good old asphyxiation always comes handy in these moments. But she doesn’t want to totally smother him. The trick is to always leave him enough air so Mistress can continue examining where are his limits. And that is done with a help of a big red strapon and a firm hand. Considering the size of a strapon penetration tool, Fetish Nelja doesn’t want his balls to be on her way. With a strong rope prepared for this exam, she tied his genitals and moved them up. Still, gravity is strong so the balls fall down. First, she touches them gently and caresses them for a while. Suddenly, a brutal squeeze comes out from nowhere. She simply loves to do it and watch helpless slave moaning. Once she is done with his balls, Medical Mistress is about to measure how deep the strapon can penetrate his body. Take a look. 

Medical mistress torture:

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Medical Mistress
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