Mistress Adina

Mistress Adina is one of the latest additions here on Femdom Destiny. Being one of the hottest black femdom fetish kinky mistresses, be sure that this is just one of many cruel punishments episodes to come.

As you are about to see, except incredible beauty and sexiness reserved for the top rated femdom Mistresses, the second thing characterizing this ebony femme fatale is her natural cruelness. And we all know that there is no limit for a woman that is beautiful, kinky and cruel at the same time. Actually, this would be the best shortest description of Mistress Adina. Sure, I know that most of you are probably already touching yourself while staring at her beautiful big breasts in fishnets, but try to actually concentrate on what is going on in this exclusive punishment femdom scene.

Mistress Adina exclusive photos

Without getting into the details about how femdom slave ended being tied to the torture bed, it is more important to see what is about to happen to him. You know, most of the stupid men, when they see a pair of huge tits, men think they will somehow get an interracial blowjob or at least a handjob. This is what their pathetic brain is telling them when a handsome high heels lady is their vicinity. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that.

Experienced femdom Mistresses are encouraging them to think so. The reason for that is once man faces female domination slave training their shock and suffering will be bigger. Ruined fantasy always hurts, and not only mentally but in this particular case, physically.

Mistress Adina

After tying the base of the slave’s penis with a tiny rope specially picked for this purpose, the legitimate question to ask is why she is doing it? The reason s that somehow when feeling severe pain in the genitals area, some men can ejaculate. Basically, the brain can’t understand all that stimulation and it is confused with painful experience so sensation can be interpreted wrong what will lead to unwanted orgasm and jizzing. With a firmly placed rope around the dick, it takes only one strong pull to block semen and ruin male orgasm as soon as it starts. A genuine orgasm control method I would love to see more often.

big tits ebony dominatrix

Once fetish kinky black Goddess solved this potential problem, she can start doing what she is planing since the beginning. I am talking about cock and ball extreme domination. After placing specially designed clamps on slave’s balls, her sexy hands in leather gloves slowly started stretching slave’s sacks.

An extremely perverted domination style means that sexy black dominatrix is pulling and stretching slave’s balls in all possible directions. Once his testicles start swallowing, it will just additionally motivate her to keep ballbusting and simulating rough sex. A real dominatrix as She, loves to talk to slave while hurting him.

This way Mistress knows how far she can go before slave pass out. You know, severe pain coming from vicious femdom and hard ball kicking, ballbusting or simply stretching can be so strong that a submissive person will easily lose conciseness. Not for a long but still, it will interrupt his suffering for a minute or so and this is something Dominatrix would like to avoid because it means that sub ill have a pause for himself and that is out of the question.

ebony ballbusting

What you may be noticed if you somehow managed to move your eyes from perfectly shaped and strong curvy body is that while performing this hardcore interracial session, Goddess has not so thick strap-on attached to her hips. Unfortunately, slave can’t see it because he has mas over his face but he will definitely feel it in case Domina wants to expand her private kinky fun and go with anal femdom porn. At this moment, judging by the satisfied look on her face, placing strap-on into the ass is not on the menu, yet. 

cruel female domination torture

I must admit that these types of sensual scenes of passionate ebony domination and corporal punishment are the pure essence of a quality female supremacy relationship. Without much talk, armed with suitable tools and a strong will to humiliate and punish, stunning high res pics are showing young Goddess enjoying every moment of ebony female domination

As seen in some of the previous English Mansion femdom videos, the sensual side of a dominant Lady has a very important role in the overall success of the session. Unfortunately for a blindfolded slave, in this particular case, it won’t make much difference for him. If you were expecting to see some tit worship and goddess worship, it simply won’t happen in this scene. The whole session is based on a simple concept of fear and power exchange between the dominant female and a helpless male.

The next update featuring Mistress Adina will heave some top-notch leather latex female worship, or to be more precise, femdom pov worship pussy licking action. Keep visiting this site for more femdom stuff or simply subscribe to the push notifications so you can automatically get info when where is a new adult video and Goddess punish her slave.

Mistress Adina
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