Dominatrix Anna Deville

Mistress Anna Deville would definitely deserve to be recognized as a very versatile Dominatrix, considering what she is capable of doing in just one session. And not just doing, but doing it right. In today’s photo gallery update, you are looking at Mistress Anna Deville playing having a cruel and humiliation session with her slave. Her idea is to edge and cum training his pathetic dick. She wants from him stroking & edging until pre-cum drips from the tip. Once the dick is slimy and oozing pre-cum, Dominatrix Anna wants to see the slave licking his own cum. Good boys always eat their cum, that’s for sure.  Mistress wants his face buried in her ass while slave edge up to the grand finale orgasm! Right after shooting a hot load, the mistress wants to see him licking the cum from his hands.

But all this went so easily and that it is practically boring. Slave did everything, without resistance and it seems that got used to being humiliated. When I’ve said versatile at the begging of this article, I was thinking to exactly to what Domme Anna is going to do next. Bored and not motivated with cum eating humiliation, it takes only a few moments for her to go to the next task and order a slave to start licking her pussy. A good clit massage is always welcome, right? Still, it seems that even that wasn’t enough so she again switched to the more brutal mode. I am talking about harsh strapon pegging. With his cock in chastity, naked and depraved, the pathetic guy can only wait for that Mistress satisfy herself. And that won’t happen anytime soon. He better get used to a big black strapon inside his ass in the same way as he is dressed to lick and drink own cum. 

Mistress Anna Deville: 

forced to cum

Slave in chastity
femdom pussy worshipAnna Deville pegging  

Dominatrix Anna Deville
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