Mistress Athena Smoking

Mistress Athena smoking cigarettes is a sight that you will often see if you are regular visitors of Sado Ladies mansion. Besides beating and ruining male slave’s her obsession is smoking of very expensive cigarettes. She is a passionate smoker and there is something she had to take care of because of this.

All those smokes are making an incredible amount of ash. Now, the real question that beautiful and strict blonde, Goddess Athena asked herself is how to solve this problem. There are actually only two ways to do it, considering that she won’t reduce the number of smokes per day.

The first one is to take one of the slaves from the stable and orders him to go around and clean, at least one per day. But that can be a problem long term. Looking the same guy all over again will become frustrating and irritating. Not only that, but he will probably get in the way of other activities and slow down things. Also, there is a question will that femdom slave do his job properly. In the beginning, he probably will but it is not possible to stand over his head all the time and control his cleaning performance.

So she got another idea and immediately adopted it as a solution. Actually, you are looking at the video footage of human ashtray and his service. This was the first training session where Goddess is checking the foundation of this plan. Idea is to have one guy to swallow ash everytime she smokes. Instead of leaving ash all around, it will end directly in slave’s mouth. A very smart move, since it will save time and ensure proper hygiene.

Mistress Athena Smoking video

Mistress Athena Smoking
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