Mistress Bobbi Starr

Mistress Bobbi Starr is one of the top rated and most searched femdom pornstar names. No wonder considering her spectacular look and high quality sense for rough sex and female supremacy. Simply speaking, Goddess Starr is a sadistic bitch. She equally enjoys different methods of female domination. As long as the male slave is suffering in agony, she is motivated to keep doing it. But there is one thing this female disciplinarian loves slightly more than other. I am talking about brutal anal strapon domination femdom sex

Somehow this comes naturally for someone with so many exclusive content HD videos behind her. Fucking is a way of living, as she often loves to say. Anyway, to get a better idea about mentioned BDSM bondage and torture methods, take a look at the free photos below and what this captive male is going through under the command of a brunette Dominatrix.

Mistress Bobbi StarrMistress Bobbi Starr

With a proud attitude, high heels, tee through blouse and unavoidable black nylon stockings, Goddess is standing in front of her victim while slave must watch Mistress Bobbi. Even if the first association when you look at a sexy pic above is seduction, the slave is perceiving as an intimidation. I must say that he is absolutely in right. A real dominatrix doesn’t have to say a word. It is clear from the look on her face what is about to happen.

femdom nipples torture

The next thing Mistress decided to do is to make the slave blindfolded. You know, when eyesight is disabled, sense of smell will take over. It is human nature and how a brain works. On the foot worship photo below, you will understand why she wants to maximally boost his this sense. The odor of stockings feet is very specific and it will be remembered by the slave for a long time. But before forcing the slave to sniff sexy feet in nylons, Domina placed clamps on his nipples. Anyone with basic experience in BDSM knows that it is pretty painful or at least, unpleasant sensation.

sexy stockings worship

What made this scene last longer than planned is that Humiliatrix actually liked how a slave is treating her feet. She let him do it for a while, getting in unplanned nylon feet massage with slave’s tongue. 

stockings feet licking

IMpatient as she always was, it didn’t long before she is bored. Being one of the best porn actresses, she has seen so many better things than a hard dick slave with feet in his mouth. It is time to go further and get things on the next level of pleasure (for her) and humiliation (for him).

Bobbi Starr Facesitting

Before starting with the last and the best phase of this femdom torture session, Mistress Bobbi Starr wants to get some good femdom pussy licking. The ideal place for that is a face sitting facesitting position on the bed. At this point, Goddess removed the cover from his eyes. The slave must see her tight pussy to serve it well. But that’s not all. Since the most painful and humiliation part is coming, she wants that he sees it coming. There is nothing so thrilling and motivating for a Goddess as the fear in the eyes of a submissive guy.  

Cruel Femdom Pegging

Equipped well with everything she needs for a top rated female domination session, hot and cruel dominatrix placed a gag ball inside slave’s mouth. Yeah, a very useful thing that will disable him of begging once starts pegging him. 

Just as the best xxx movies, there is a kind of ravel before the action itself. Kinky Domina asked does some girlfriend loves doggy anal sex? Stupid and afraid for his miserable existence, he gave the wrong answer saying that he is not sure. Damn, what a mistake! Because of that idiotic answer, now you are watching how Mistress Bobbi Starr rides solo male from the behind. While brutally pegging slave with a strapon, she is continuing to interrogate him at the same time. Just look at the grimace of agony on his face and you will understand how brutal is she while drilling him from the behind. In case photos are not enough for you, you can watch this exclusive video on the website featuring more hardcore fem dom content. Just click on any of the photos above and you will be there in a second.

Mistress Bobbi Starr
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