Mistress Caning

Mistress caning is always a beautiful scene to see, isn’t’ it? And it is becoming even better when a corporal punishment is conducted by a sexy Mistress Serena. I will be free to say that just one look to this divine brunette Mistress will make many men simply fall in love. 

Unfortunately for this slave boy, he won’t be able to see much and enjoy all that sexiness in the process of hard caning and hardcore spanking. Hot mistress picked the best position for a successful BDSM caning. With his ugly head placed in a corner, tied up slave found himself in the intolerable position.  His cock and ball are tied with a special metal ring and legs spread while his big ass is the highest point on the body. Clearly, dominatrix knows what she is doing here and what it takes to ensure best full length caning punishment. Like every other serious job, it takes preparation first before the real action starts. At the same time, the slow approach to femdom torture helps to get the most suffering from a sub. You know, when you don’t tell a slave what is going to happen, his fear becomes even bigger. But that’s not all, top rated ponderous caning is even better when a slave is not being able to see what is happening behind him. Basically, all senses are activated then and he will feel more pain, literally. Expecting to be hit and injured is kind of a torture on its own.

Anyway, once Goddes picked the best cane, bizarre caning porn humiliation started. I had a chance of seeing high definition femdom video recorded during this session and what impressed me most is Domme’s assessment when to stop and when to increase the strength of the hits. Considering that she can’t see a slave’s face in agony, I think that she is deciding how to proceed based on his screams and breathing sound.

Mistress caning to tears pics

hardcore spanking brutal dominatrix with a canebrunette mistress in stockings mistress caning

Young brunette mistress is boosting her ego with every new hit. Frankly, there is no reason for that considering how good she is looking. Just look at this fantastic combination of tan nylon stockings with garter belts, tight PVC costume, and high heels. With a strong red lipstick, I believe she is one of sexiest Dommes this summer!

Mistress Caning
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