Mistress Carly

Mistress Carly and as you will no doubt have realized, ss indeed a MILFstress (a Mistress you’d like to fuck). This is what she has to say about herself so read carefully!

Well, I am fully aware that men find Me to be highly sexually desirable and I enjoy wielding the power My sexuality affords Me over those lucky sub’ males who are privileged enough to be allowed to serve Me.

So, if you yearn to be owned by a highly skilled beautiful Dominatrix with a perfectly shaped body worthy of your absolute adoration and a wickedly inventive mind that will delight in teasing & tormenting you to your absolute limits, then you are invited to delve further into My world of sensual Domination and devote yourself entirely to Me.

If however, you seek an amateur ‘hooker-with-a-whip’ or a ‘hooker-dom’ who will simply act out a list of activities or a scenario that you choose to dictate, then you should leave now as you are most definitely in quite the wrong place!

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I am quite different to most Dominatrix in that in addition to practicing the generally accepted activities that would be included within a Fem-Dom and female supremacy scenario, I actively enjoy using My slaves as My own personal servants, utilizing every part of their bodies for My own personal amusement & a selfish pleasure! The act of inflicting a serious pain on a sub is something I find to be highly arousing and when I’m turned-on I want to be satisfied sexually completely, so I reserve the absolute right to put a slave’s tongue and/or erect penis to full use to achieve My own personal satisfaction.

Intrigued? Then you have My permission to enter My world and discover a whole new world of exquisitely sensual, sexual female Domination. 

But be warned…wipe your mind before entering!

Kent, England
Domination, Queening, Milking, Enforced-Bi, Cuckold
Mistress Carly
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