Mistress Dometria

Mistress Dometria passed away on the 3rd of August 2018. Femdom Destiny will keep this page active (and few more galleries on this site) to serve as a memory to this unique femdom Goddess. Links to her webpage together with email contacts are removed. Rest in peace.

Mistress Dometria is the famous dominatrix from the Brighton, UK. I can bet that many of you are familiar with her but once you see her personal new website, you will remind yourself why she is one of the most specific and cruel Dommes. This is what she has to say about herself:

I am a lifestyle Mistress with a preference for harsh domination and BDSM. I am widely recognized as the UK’s most hardcore mistress. At heart, I am a true sadist and I get great pleasure from inflicting pain and in watching the reaction I get from those on whom I inflict that pain. I make no excuses for how much I enjoy what I do and I neither question the morality of it, nor lose sleep at night wondering if I am a good or a bad person because I enjoy something different. If you are a novice, you will be encouraged and amazed by what you experience with me; and if you are already experienced, you will be relieved that at last, you have found what you are looking for. I never rush, because why should I. It takes time to get from you what I want; and rushing through life is not what I am about. Born in South London but proud of my Greek Cypriot roots, I am fortunate enough to have the physical attributes to entice you, the confidence of character to control you and the imagination and experience to take you to places even you probably don’t even know that you can go. I combine classic BDSM domination with my fighting skills in beatdowns and boxing and wrestling scenarios. I have been boxing for 17 years, kick-boxing and MMA for ten, and in the last three years I have taken up semi-pro wrestling for three. I am also a competitive bodybuilder and have won national and international prizes.

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I am based in The Brighton Dungeon in Brighton, UK (a short train ride from Central London or Gatwick Airport). My Dungeon is fitted out with four amazing specialty rooms including a Medical Room, Torture Chamber, Bondage Room, and Interrogation Cell. Take a look around my website and check out my extensive library of over one thousand hardcore movies on Clips4sale which include every aspect of BDSM, Caning, Whipping, Humiliation, Ball-Busting and anything else your perverted mind can imagine! So I welcome all slaves and masochists
to The Brighton, Dungeon to fulfill your ultimate slave and fetish fantasies.

Brighton, UK
BDSM; caning; whipping; humiliation; CBT; ball busting; beatdowns
Mistress Dometria
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