Mistress Gemini

Mistress Gemini is originally from Oxford, England and has been in the United States since 1991. This is what she has to say about her and her work:

I started My journey in the lifestyle in 1997 and began My work as a professional Dominatrix in 2000.  If one were to assess My life, I would say that My Dominance was realized at an early age; although, I surely didn’t know what it was back then.   I was just a tomboy who played with the boys: I was always the one in charge, the one who decided the rules, the leader of the pack. I grew out of My ugly duckling phase and into a beautiful swan quite early. It was fun teasing horny little teenage buggers. They would try to impress Me to get their attention but it usually failed. I had high standards even back then. Seducing men as an adult came easy and was much too sexually aggressive for My own good. Well back then anyway. Men were intimidated by My forwardness and couldn’t rise to the occasion… I now choose the right men after realizing My true nature. I have learned a lot over the last 20 years. My experience is paramount and rarely matched by anyone else in the scene today.

The role of the Dominatrix wears many hats; however, My preferred persona, is the Femme Fatale; erotically charged your fate is in My hands.  Men are simple creatures and easy to predict.  You will be hypnotized into submission by My seductive eyes. My extensive experience is a long time to hone one’s skills to perfection. My spirituality allows Me to connect with you on a deeper level.  I know what you need, how to give it to you, at what pace and intensity and when to back off. My passion is fueled by your submission, your pain, your humiliation and your adoration for the Goddess and the pleasure and pain She brings you. Boundaries and limits are always respected. However, it pleases Me when you trust Me and allow Me to push them and evolve your journey as a slave.

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Asheville, NC
Corporal Punishment/Domestic Discipline, Humiliation, GS, Bondage, Sensory Deprivation, CBT, NT, Trampling, CD/FF
Mistress Gemini
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