Mistress Heather

Mistress Heather strikes once with a classic footdom and foot sniffing humiliation session. She is feeding the addiction that her personal slaves have for her intoxicating foot scent. This is always a pleasure to do especially after a hard day or a long walk. This time is no different and you are looking at Mistress Heather watching her slave from the height while he is showing his affection. Just look at that contempt she has for men. You can clearly see it on her pretty face and her eyes.

This slave needs her and she fuels his addiction by allowing him to first worship her stiletto heeled shoes, then her stocking clad feet. But that is just the introduction. The goal of this foot domination session is simple. She wants her shoes to be shiny and completely ready for the next walk. As part of this session, the slave gets a chance to sniff aroma from her shoes. This way he will learn the smell very well so he can always recognize her, just like the real dog. If he manages to do it well there is a really special prize for this guy. As a reward for a good job, he will get a chance to lick whatever is there between her naked toes. At the top of that, Mistress heather will give him some humiliating spitting all over his face. After this, you can’t say that she is not taking care of her slaves, right?

While you are looking at this great domestic femdom photos, I would like to share two more great photo galleries from this dominatrix. The first one is kind of similar because it eventually ends in feet licking and it is about food fetish. The second one is more painful and brutal but also humiliating enough. You are about to see Miss Heather brutally strapon fucking her male slut. 

Mistress Heather:

Mistress Heather Stiletto sniffing  nylon feet smell femdom spitting

Mistress Heather
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