Mistress In Uniform

Mistress in uniform whipping a slave looks like the real femdom icon. Maybe you are already recognizing that style and attitude. If you don’t, let me help you. This is one and only Mistress Sidonia Von Bork. Cruel as always, she is about to train a slave. It is incredible how many men slaves she has at her disposal. I guess it is like that because The English Mansion is huge and it takes many people to maintain everything in best order. That is why you will female domination training often see scenes like this one. Mistress Sidonia is constantly in search for new slaves and they require training before they are eligible to serve her. You are about to see one of that session and how slaves are treated inside her private female domination dungeon.

After letting slave wait in the cage for many hours, it is a time to let him out. Naive, tired and stupid, he thought that it is finally an end to the exhausting session. Being in a curled position for so long,  made him practically unable to walk properly. He is very slow and barely capable of crawling out of the small cage. This is something that is making Mistress in uniform very nervous. She hates slow men. If he is slow now, how he will serve her in the future? It is a legitimate question. Being locked in the cage is basically nothing compared to other things she usually does to her subs. For example, take a look at a brutal cock milking of a slave hanged and tied in the incredible place. Crazy, isn’t it? This is the last place where you would expect to see a slave. Of course, Mistress is nervous and she doesn’t want to wait for him. With zero respect, she dragged him by pulling the chain that is locked around his neck. I suggest to visit this site and see what happened after. All I can say is that all this is just the beginning of one more great femdom training. 

Mistress in uniform:

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Mistress In Uniform
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