Mistress Mindy

What I’ve noticed is that (at least when it comes to personal profiles section of Femdom Destiny), when most of the visitors are searching for Dommes, they are looking for Mistresses in their area. I guess that’s a natural and logical step if you are serious in meeting a dominant woman for real. But it is hard to cover every part of the globe so it will take some time before this task is completed. Luckily for slaves in Canada, or to be more precise, Toronto area, today’s Mistress Profile is about sexy sensual Domme in Toronto. Her name is Mistress Mindy and she is young but sensual sadistic dominatrix with enough experience that is letting her absolutely dominate guys having balls to meet her. Don’t worry, if you are one of them, your balls won’t stay attached for a long time. Let’s see what she said for Femdom Destiny and a short biography and her interests. Here it is:

I am Mistress Mindy, a young, yet experienced Dominatrix in the Greater Toronto Area. Since 2005, clients have enjoyed a unique experience from a professional dominatrix who, quite simply, genuinely loves my work. I am sensual, sadistic and your complete fantasy in every way. Blonde, busty, beautiful and demanding, my wish is your command. I am a sexy dominatrix, proud to provide a variety of top quality sessions to clients in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

I guess this is probably the shortest description for this versatile blonde Goddess. For more details, together with more high quality pics and links to Instagram, FB and Twitter profiles, visit the link below this photo gallery and you will be redirected to the personal website of sexy Canadian femdom Mistress. Meanwhile, enjoy some of my favorite photos in a free gallery 

Mistress Mindy photos

Medical Play, Cuckold, Edging, Pain Play, Electrical, Needles, Wax, strap-on, torture, and virtually everything else
Mistress Mindy
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