Office Trampling

Office trampling is one of those top rated femdom fetishes where a dominant woman can easily put a slave into a very unpleasant and often painful position without the need for additional tools necessary for other BDSM femdom techniques. All a Goddess need is a strong will to dominate, floor and a slave. 

Even if trampling domination is considered as a part of footdom, I know that, if properly done, it can be very painful torture for a submissive guy. Just imagine yourself being pinned down on the flow while a dominant woman is standing on your chest. Not related to her weight, the small surface of the chest is a very sensitive part of the body covering some of the most vital organs. Now, it is up to the Mistress to decide how she will perform trampling torture. Sometimes girls are doing it with bare feet while sometimes, they will choose shoes with high heels to deliver as much pain as possible. But that is not all. If a Goddess wants to go further, she will decide to start jumping instead of just standing on her slave. Some of the girls will go even further by applying brutal face trampling method. while group femdom trampling torture is slowly getting in popularity.

But let’s get back to the high quality office trampling gallery below and find out what is going on here.

Office trampling photos

high heels trample

Remarkable and sexy lady boss Lola calls the new office junior into her department for a disciplinary incident. The event is actually pretty naive but she won’t miss a chance to get what she wants and that is a proper foot fetish punishment

She has been informed that some nylon stockings have been taken from the locker room and someone saw him with them, caught red handed. Actually, he didn’t even tried to deny it as Mistress Lola was expecting. He is embarrassed and ashamed but then surprised at the approach his boss takes. As planned from the very beginning, miss Lola explains she also has a fetish for nylons so will give him another chance if he follows her regime, placing the stockings over his face, making him smell the strong odor and then ripping his work shirt off. 

Mistress in nylon stockings

One thing leads to another, and step by step, Mistress is already standing on the slave’s body. The sensation of pain is amplified because of the sexy high heel shoes she loves to have when working in the office. Maybe a reason for that is that she was always planning to try high heel trample and now she finally find a good excuse.

office trampling

I am sure that this will actually be one of many more trampling torture sessions that will happen behind closed doors of her office. I am saying this based on the second photo where you can see slave slowly getting an erection which means that he is sexually aroused by all that pain and her beautiful big ass that won’t fit her tiny panties.

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Office Trampling
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