Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial and what is it? If you are still asking this question, I believe you are a pretty new recruit in the world of female domination. luckily for you (and for the older orgasm denial fetishists), a beautiful black goddess is about to show you. Her name is Chanell Heart. Not sure does the heart is referring to many hearts she broke, but it reminds me to that. She is a beautiful and sexy ebony dominatrix. Today’s task is simple but still interesting. She wants to see how much time it takes to get the tied slave to the climax. Her assumption is that she can do it fast. She is well aware how sexy is she and how white men reacts to her. Not to mention how fast they are ready to cum when she starts milking them.

Black goddess looks so good that it is understandable that men can’t control themselves. Before she started stroking the slave, Mistress slowly walked around him for the few times. This way she is showing him her perfectly shaped butt. Then, she moved her ass in tight blue jeans shorts near his horny face but without letting him touch it. His cock was already erected before she even starts touching it. Just as Mistress was planning and expecting. At the same time, the slave has his own plan and it is to cum and ejaculate all that collected sperm. What he doesn’t know in this moment that Mistress Chanel is skilled in ruined orgasms and orgasm denial. This means that she actually never intended to let him get his pleasure and cum properly. How naive of him that he even thought that he has a chance to do it. Which of course, does not diminish what this Black mistress is doing her.

Orgasm Denial

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Orgasm Denial
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