Outdoor Ballbusting

Outdoor ballbusting photos I’ve picked up for today are part of public female domination series of posts. The goal is to promote more interactive types of female domination and is there a better way than to publish the top rated outdoor female supremacy?

Besides mentioned above, I am hoping that this kind of outdoor sex and outdoor femdom will encourage men to seek for new experiences with their Dommes. So here it is, a genuine brutal ballbusting torture of a helpless guy.

Outdoor Ballbusting torture

Blonde mistress in charge of slave’s suffering and pain is a famous divine Mistress Heather. Cold and cruel, She is one of the most experienced mature Dommes and one of my favorite dominant ladies. What I particularly like is her versatile domination style. In short, She is totally unpredictable. No one knows what she will do next. Sometimes, her methods are relatively gentle and easy but most of the time, harsh and unbearable pain is what you should expect.

This time is no different. Compare the previous erotic female domination caning punishment, I will be free to say that the ballbusting game you are about to see is the next level on the scale of pain and misery.

Outdoor Ballbusting

I am not exactly sure about the location where ball busting is performed but the grey sky above them is perfectly describing how femdom slave feels right now. Depressive, frightened and expecting to feel the first effects of public ballbusting humiliation. 

leather mistress kicking slave's balls

He doesn’t have to wait for long. Ass soon as Mistress ordered him to take pants down, the first kick in groins arrived. Stupid and naive, he thought that there is actually a fighting chance to stay on his feet and endure outdoor cock ball torture.

Very naive from him, especially because he knows very well who is this long hair dominatrix dressed in tight black leather. Interestingly, even if they are in open, he can smell the scent of expensive leather costume Mistress is wearing. Just enough to make him sexually aroused. We all know how high-quality leather affects men, right? 

But this is only a side effect of being under control of a cruel femdom Mistress. The trick is that the first few initial kicks in the groins are just the test. Experienced dominatrix and hard ballbusting Domme will always check and try to determine the slave’s potential and endurance. No one wants a man losing conciseness after a few kicks, right? Where is fun in that?

Ok, so once Goddess heather confirmed that this solo male will help her satisfy her sadistic instinct, the next phase in hot ballbusting torture can start. 

cruel balls squeezing

Before giving him more cruel kicks, there is a small trick every Mistress should use. Just try to zoom the ball abuse photo above. You will see how thorough She is with balls squeezing. Merciless until they reach the final position, slave’s balls are totally twisted. Just look at those goosebumps on slave’s skin. If you are wondering why is this a smart thing to do, the explanation is simple.

It is exactly the same as squeezing a wet cloth. You need to squeeze it to drain it completely. 

harsh femdom balls torture

The process is, of course, painful. You can clearly see a body in agony on the photo above. Even with a mask over his ugly face, you can notice a grimace sub is making while Dominatrix is putting pressure on slave’s genitals. But what comes next is actually the best part and a final goal for this nasty femdom ballbusting Mistress. 

The reason why Domme is trying to squeeze the last drop of semen and collect it in balls is simple, more pain. Every balls kicked amateur femdom slave know that level of pain depends on how much sperm is in testicles at the moment of a ballbusting kick. More the merrier. 

Only the experienced Mistress with enough years of age will actually know how to prepare a slave for the final stage of ball abuse. And what will happen then? You can figure it out from the photo below and the position of unconscious BDSM slave. There is no doubt this balls torture is an experience you deserve to try if you are really into brutal fem dom ballbusting. 

ballbusted slave in agony

Anyway, while I am still in a good mood from such great ballbusting hard domination, here is some more content for you to jerk off. Take a look at recommended two new videos you can download or stream.

The first one is a video recording from a balls torment session featuring two Mistresses. Just when you think that it can’t be any worse than what you have just seen, this clip will show you are wrong. 

The second one is a different type of CBT fetish domination. It is an exclusive CBT domination video featuring Mistress Snow and her slave being punished in her bedroom. Footage has more amateur style domination, but believe me, the pain sub is feeling is real and serious. 

And for the end, a little bit of education. Check out this article telling about how to use a humbler torture device. There is a demonstration video containing footage of a sexy and kinky femdom Dominatrix in hot latex, attaching humbler to the slave’s testicles. Find out how to behave and what to expect if you are approached by a Goddess having this small but very useful wooden BDSM tool.

Outdoor Ballbusting
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