Pantyhose Facesitting

Pantyhose facesitting fetish is something I would name as a special subgenre of facesitting femdom. If you had a chance to read this article about top rated and most popular femdom fetishes, then you have noticed that femdom facesitting is ranked number one. 

There are many reasons for this. First, we all need to understand that obsession toward a nice female butt is there since the beginning of time. Sexy woman ass is the driving force for so many people out there, not only men but also women. I am not talking that a female must be lesbian to be impressed by another woman’s ass. How many times you have seen a girl on the street staring at other girl’s end? Simply speaking, this is totally natural and it is part of every human being and it doesn’t matter will they admit it or they won’t.

On the other side, there are people not being afraid to embrace and accept their obsessions with a sexy female butt. Once they do, the logical step is to go with female ass worship and once they do, it will become like an addiction. Knowing this, many dominant females will use this solo male weakness as an advantage to boost their ego by additionally humiliating men with their favorite body part. Black pantyhose worship photos you are about to see are the perfect example of kinky femdom humiliation of a submissive man. 

Pantyhose facesitting example

sexy dominant lady in black panthose

Following an old saying ” good slave is a horny slave”, sexy redhead Mistress is teasing submissive guy before letting him feel her warm butt in nylon pantyhose on his face. Dressed in a tight dress, expensive pantyhose, and sexy high heel shoes, she is slowly putting up her dress while the slave is forced to watch it below her.

femdom POV teasing

It doesn’t take long before the slave’s big dick can easily bee noticed even through his pants which means that a young femdom Mistress is progressing as planned.

She is teasing him by showing not only her sexy butt in nylons but also her divine pussy. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this hot Goddess but piercing on her face and tattoos on her butt are helping her be a real heartbreaker.

pantyhose teasing

Now times finally come for all of us to enjoy free pantyhose facesitting pics. I am sorry  I wasn’t able to find a recording of this scene because it would be one of the best facesitting videos recently. I know that this is not a violent type of face sitting but all those beautiful colors contrasting on the photos looks great together.

mistress in nylons smothering slave

If you are pantyhose facesitting porn fetishist then you are going one more scene that is similar to this one. All this facesitting smothering reminded me to a fetish kinky episode where dark haired Mistress Jasmine is brutally smothering slave in her sexy tan nylon pantyhose

Oh yes, one more thing related to the popularity of BDSM face sitting fetish. The reason why so many women love to use this female supremacy method is the special feeling of intimacy between submissive and dominant side. This is why forced ass worship is often used among spouses even without realizing that this way their connection is slowly slipping into a real femdom relationship. I will suggest taking a look at genuine wife facesitting domination of a submissive husband to get a better idea of what I am talking about. 

pantyhose facesitting

Pantyhose Facesitting
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