Pantyhose Humiliation

Pantyhose humiliation femdom photos below are the latest addon in the nylon female domination fetish category, one of the less popular sections on this site. But I doubt that reason for the lower popularity high quality xxx movies and pantyhose fetish galleries there is attractiveness of exclusive content there. The real reason is that people usually mostly want to see more extreme female domination stuff like strapon double penetration torture or brutal femdom ballbusting. 

Still, there are many pantyhose humiliation fans craving for beautiful dominant ladies wearing tight and shiny nylons during slave training sessions. Today’s update is actually about that, or to be more precise, about a sexy petite amateur Domina and her foot fetish servant.

Pantyhose Humiliation

fem dom victory pose

I would say this is a simple solo male humiliation at the comfort of the home. Don’t expect to see anything hardcore here but instead, you should enjoy watching tight ass in black pantyhose and a Mistress striking a victory pose while the submissive guy is subjected to pantyhose tease and foot worship.

Pantyhose Humiliation

What I ‘ve noticed is that Domme’s pantyhose feet are actually not completely covered in nylons. At first, it seemed strange to me but then I’ve figured out the advantage of this design. Think about it, if her sexy toes are free and open, this means that a girl humiliates foot slave, there will be no protection from her sweat.

I would say this is a win-win situation in case feet are stinky and sweaty. Besides obvious pantyhose domination, the submissive guy will have unobstructed access to the dirt and sweat between girl’s toes. 

brunette mistress in black nylons

At some point, naive male slave tried to shirk his duties and lick less than Goddess told him to do. Of course, this couldn’t go unnoticed to you will see a pantyhose domination Mistress in the photo above pointing a finger and ordering a slave to give his best or punishment for not listening will be severe!

If you look at her face, you will see that Mistress is not bluffing. Luckily, the slave boy is intelligent enough to follow what she says and avoid further repercussions.

suck my feet slave!

Pantyhose Humiliation
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