Pantyhose Wrestling

Pantyhose wrestling sex fight is not an ordinary female domination scenario. Heroine wrestling submissive man just got a new dimension when pantyhose fetish is involved. People into female supremacy and nylon fetish are going to love exclusive mixed wrestling photos below.

Usually, every femdom gallery or BDSM sex video published here on Femdom Destiny has an accompanying story. This time, there will be such an introduction because we are going directly to the pantyhose wrestling action. Ok?

Pantyhose Wrestling matchpantyhose wrestling

With a fast series of professionally performed movements, it didn’t take long before hot blonde femdom Goddess pined slave down on his back. Clearly, she has a great deal of experience with wrestling porn and erotic domination because only a really well trained and experienced dominant woman would be able to do this so easily.

While she is wearing tight and shiny female wrestling costume, slave boy is totally naked. You can easily see his pathetic dick moving around depending on how Mistress is pushing and twisting slave’s body. Strangely, it is staying small and pathetic during the whole match. I would say that what Domina is doing to him is so painful that slave simply is not thinking about anything else but to stay awake and somehow go through this torture session. Shame, considering how sexy his new female master looks like in those tight black pantyhose.

forced armpit sniffing

Power exchange and femdom erotic wrestling are characterized by some additional moves not common in regular hot women wrestling. One of those you can see on a superheroine photo above. If you take a better look, you will see that she is pushing her sweaty armpit directly under slave’s nose. He can’t resist so eventually, she will make him sniff it well so he will remember the scent of her body form a long time after a match is finished.

maybe this might strange to you but an armpit fetish worship is a common practice many dominant girls love to use often, whey they have a chance.

femdom wrestling

Wrestling pantyhose Mistress is a big fan of one of the top rated moves and that is choking from the back. Of course, she won’t miss a chance to do it and how good she is at this, you can see by the look on the face of a smothered slave at the photo above.

forced foot tasting

Of course, what kind of female domination wrestling session this would be without a good forced nylon foot worship fetish? Simply speaking, femdom goddess loves to see slave’s sucking her feet in nylons. Things are getting even better when her feet are smelly and sweaty like they are now.

Again, try to concentrate on slave’s facial expression once Goddess pushed her foot directly under his nose. Lol, priceless.

female domination wrestling torture

How far big tits Mistress is going with her intent of hurting and punishing a slave, you can see above. Near the 5th minute since the beginning of a match, her wrestling partner (if we can call it that way) is finally defeated. Turned on his stomach, he is helpless to move while Goddess is riding his back.

To show him how incapable he really is Goddess started stretching slave’s jaws while he is trying to beg her to stop. Have you ever tried to speak with mouth opened so wide? Believe me, it is totally useless and kind of funny. Well, at least for a dominating side.

kinky goddess licking slave

At the end of intense wrestling scene, nude male will have to withstand one more humiliation. This is kind of a tradition for a victorious girl. When her prey is finally defeated, she loves to lick his face and leave her personal mark. This is exactly what Mistress is doing now, while slave stays to lye down tired, weak and confused.

Pantyhose Wrestling
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