Permanent Chastity

Permanent chastity is one of the most sensitive ways of male slave control. To some people, it looks easy but it is actually a very responsible task for every MIstress planning to punish and control slave this way. Not every Dominatrix is capable of guiding slave locked in chastity. Only top rated Goddesses with enough experience in the field of male chastity and you are about to see one of them. Dressed in tight black nylon stockings, Dominatrix Marley is preparing a slave and explaining to him that his penis goes into permanent lockdown. Wearing a cock cage is a big change in his pathetic life and he must be aware of that. His penis and testicles will feel different from now on. 

Mistress Marley has her slave locked in a new femdom electroshock chastity cage. She is training him for a life of 24-7 permanent chastity. He must learn how to cum while in the cage if he ever wants an orgasm again. Ultimately he will be trained to orgasm with only via the remote control stim box. For his first session, she raises the electricity higher and high building his tolerance and encouraging him to be sexually excited about his cocks new home (and that is a chastity device). Mistress Marley manually milks his poor cock in the cage with a vibrator for an explosive orgasm. She loves to play cruel games with such a small penis like this and this is why this is her favorite method of female domination. Considering that this slave’s body and face are covered with shiny spandex, he will have additional problems expressing his feelings.

But an experienced Domme perfectly knows what to do even without looking at his ugly face. So it is time for some cock cage training. The video is over 2 minutes long, just enough to make you interested and look for more. (hint: this is actually the first part and introduction from the milking in chastity video published before, so you can watch it together).

Permanent chastity



Permanent Chastity
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