Allura Skye Permission To Cum

Permission to cum, have you ever heard about something like this? Who is issuing this kind of permission? What is that? To get an answer to this question, I’ve picked the perfect example that will explain what this term means. You are about to see experienced dominatrix, Mistress Allura Skye in a femdom handjob session where she is controlling slave’s orgasm until she gives him permission to cum.

As every other permission, the person subjected to the process needs to earn it. In this particular case, earning means that a subject has to behave in a way that a permission issuer tells him. Basically, if you are looking to get it, you will be automatically subjected to other person’s will. Considering that we are talking about the sexual nature of this process, the logical conclusion is that it usually ends in humiliation. There is no safe way to be sure that you will get this permission. It depends on so many factors and the most important is Mistresses mood. We all know that dominant girls have a very special kind of nature and that they are very unpredictable. Of course, this is just making things harder for a slave trying to comply with her demands. So what kind of requirements a Goddess can ask from a slave? Usually, the two main requests are to remains silent and not to cum even if a cock stroking is at its peak. This is exactly what you are looking and female domination cock stroking photos below.

Alura demeans the slut boy and torments him to no end while his quivering body shakes and his hard cock pulsates in her hands. Experienced masturbatrix knows when his body needs ejaculation. In case if she manages to stop slave’s cum by pressuring his balls, he is a step closer to the permission. The next step is to do exactly as a Mistress Allura told him. And she demands that he begs loud and ask her to let him cum. This way he is officially showing that he is under her total control. But the best part is about to come. In the moment when she finally lets him ejaculate in her hand, she is going to force him to lick all he just spilled out!

Permission to cum:
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