Pony Slave Training

Pony slave training is a mandatory step for all riding mistresses when they are preparing new male slave for a human pony servitude. A submissive guy knowing how to perform well without training has not yet been born so basically everyone thinking about getting into pony play should expect something similar like on these exclusive content photos below.

Good training is a cruel femdom pony training. There is no doubt in that. As every animal drill, those subjected to pain, discomfort and preferably agony, will learn faster than those having an easier approach. It is like that since ever so there is no difference if the object of the coaching is a human animal.

Merciless pony discipline by Goddess in riding uniform armed with one of the longest leather whips I’ve ever seen is a perfect example of how a training slave should be treated if you want to get most from him and his disciplining.

Pony slave training
dominatrix whipping human pony

The first rule of engagement every serious Dominatrix knows is that crucial part is to decide where slave training humiliation will be performed. Ideally, just like in this example, it will be done outside where a sub will feel real-life conditions and that means dirt, mud and sometimes even rain or snow.

Luckily for this pathetic guy already forced to be on his knees, his coaching is held on the pretty nice day. What he doesn’t know at this point is that it won’t make much difference considering the determination of a sexy blonde femdom Goddess. Still, it is no brainer, just one look at that intimidating whip will promise the top rated femdom pony exercise.

slave training porn

The next important thing after the location is proper equipment. How serious this Goddess is in pony slave training, you can see by all those small details like leather boots for riding, tights and sexy jodhpur femdom outfit, a firm collar around slave’s neck and of course

Pony slave training

In case you never had a chance to experience a brutal female domination whipping torture, then there is no way that you can understand how painful hit with a whip can be. There is a good reason why whips are used in probably every animal training you had a chance to see, including lions controlling. Now try to imagine the effects of a hit on the human body considering that human horses don’t even have hose hair to protect them.

Mistress choking slaveAfter only a few harsh hits, most of the slaves will immediately go into the natural position for riding. Basically, the ideal pose is like when someone fucks doggystyle at least in the beginning before a Goddess take her place. What comes later, totally depends on a Mistress and her personal preference.

It is well known that some of the best femdom Mistresses love to order their man slave to walk on back legs only because this way, femdom riding is a much more painful experience for them.

Pony Slave Training
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