Public Female Domination

public female domination

The public female domination that those two slaves  are about to experience is the result of their own stupidity. So these losers thought they could go to a pool hall and pick some girls up. Too bad for the losers they didn’t pick up some little girls they made the mistake and went home with two cruel Mistress’s.
Once they have them, the Mistress’s next task for the losers will be to chauffeur them around the Mistress’s compound. The dommes are demanding and forcing  their chauffeur slaves to go faster and faster. At some point, that became boring so they decided to race each other which means the slaves use all their strength and endurance to go as fast as they can. Is there a prize ? Sure. The Winner gets a delightful treat of four leather boots to lick clean

The best part of this humiliating and hard femdom session is that anyone could see them looking like idiots and acting like the real human animals. What they don’t know is that public female domination is something that neighbors can often see around here. Because of this, they are about to give maximum effort and run as fast possible, hoping that everything will be over soon and that no one will notice them naked and humiliated. 

What I personally like in this update is the idea that two mistresses work as a pair with one goal. If you are finding this concept interesting, don’t miss similar photo gallery of two young and handsome femdom mistresses kicking and slapping their slave in public. Also, do not miss this similar but more brutal whipping and beating torture in public.

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Public Female Domination
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