Public Male Humiliation

Femdom in public is something we rarely see. Usually, even if there are is some outdoor female domination session, is performed in well-controlled surroundings. I mean, there are many public female domination galleries here on Femdom Destiny but most of them have one thing in common. Those sessions are done in mansions, backyards or places where there are usually no people. Well, finally, we have some very interesting here. A refreshing photo gallery of real femdom in public humiliation. 

The accent is on slave’s embarrassment and humiliation. This is why you basically see the Mistress but you will see the effects of the idea. Basically, she forced a guy to take his clothes off, tied him around his neck and started dragging around the mall. She picked up the best hours where most of the people are there. Expected or not, most attention was given from the women. But what is interesting is that most older females were thrilled with what they see. I guess that young girls are still at the age where they are easily ashamed. With the mature woman, it is different. They know what they want and they don’t care what someone else could think about them. 

With a gag ball inside the mouth, completely naked, a slave is forced to walk behind the Mistress that slowly shopping. This is not a short session and it will last for a while. More than enough time for a slave to be noticed by someone who knows him. Only this cognition is enough to make him try to look at the floor with his head down. But guess what, his Mistress noticed that and strictly forbidden it. She wants to attract as much attention as possible and from what we see on the male humiliation photos below, that went pretty well.

Femdom in public – a humiliating walk:

Public Male Humiliation
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