PVC Facesitting

PVC Facesitting fetish is a special kind of sub-niche in the category of femdom facesitting. Actually, there are no many people into this kind of female domination. One of the main reasons for this kind of situation is that there is actually not much content representing this fetish category. I am about to give you a good example of PVC facesitting so you can check it out and see is it for you.

PVC Facesitting

Dominant girl in charge is Mistress India Amazonas. She is trying out her new transparent PVC pants in a short topless fetish face sitting session. Before the filming, she has smeared her body still very strongly with oil, so that under the pants everything is also nice slippery. Shiny fetish fans are going to love this top rated mistress femdom smothering humiliation.

Kinky femdom face sitting

I had a chance to watch facesitting teaser porn video and I can say that the complete atmosphere during the solo male domination facesitting is somehow special, probably because of the silence. Kinky and sexy shiny PVC mistress is literally not telling a word while riding slave’s face. This means you will clearly hear this sexy material slipping down the slave’s face.

A very special sound that will make some of you guys immediately horny. If you experience that then you know that PVC fetish femdom is your new favorite jackoff material.

PVC facesitting

Anyway, to make things even more special, Mistress is letting her big tits tease slave pinned down with a sexy ass. But that’s not all. Goddess is wearing a very interesting pair of rubber boots. Something I wasn’t seeing before so it comes like a real refreshment. Some people will find it very sexy and arousing while others will stay totally indifferent. Frankly, I think it is pretty innovative if nothing else. 

fetish domination

Anyway, I will now let you enjoy topless pics of a facesitting femdom dominatrix. Hopefully, soon there will be more of similar exclusive content high quality featuring ass worship and ass domination in PVC!

forced smothering humiliation

PVC Facesitting
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