Redhead Facesitting Mistress Photos

Redhead facesitting Mistress Mischa really knows how to force a guy to smell her sexy ass. At the comfort, of her home, she will easily get what she wants. She is totally aware that smelling Mischa’s ass is a privilege. This slave also knows that the scent of her ass is always considered a reward, and if he is to have the luxury of being trapped under her ample ass with his nose wedged between her ass cheeks then he should expect some discomfort. 

But the best part, at least as I am concerned is the one where redhead facesitting Mistress is using elements of cock and ball torture, to force him to act in a way she wants. You know, is hard to be under someone’s ass because you are left without air after some time. This means slower reaction time and that can only irritate this kinky domme. So she found a very good way to keep ass sniffing tempo she demands. What is it?

Every time when she doesn’t feel enough vacuum under her hot ass, Mistress Mischa will squeeze slave’s balls until the pain motivates him to sniff it better. This is a very good and useful method like every other pain stimulation. After a few times and with his testicles squeezed hard, slave started sniffing that ass like he should from the beginning. At that point, she started looking at him with obvious contempt. Just look at the third photo below. Still, without much talking, Mistress Mischa keeps getting what she wants and that is a relaxing feeling of having someone sniffing her ass.

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Redhead Facesitting Mistress Photos
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