Mistress Drinking Wine

Redhead mistress Jessica is a fan of pain. Tall and handsome, she considers the pain as a normal thing. OF course, we are talking about other people’s pain, not hers. With that attitude, she is always looking for the way to give some pain to the men. Even when she is relaxing, drinking or eating. She simply likes watching them suffer as she inflicts untold amounts of pain on their bodies

In particular, she loves to use her high heels to extract maximum suffering from her newest male pets. That is what we have here in front of us in this new redhead mistress photo gallery below. Redhead Mistress Jessica decided to use trampling as the method suitable for this home femdom session. First, she puts the naked guy in chastity, then grind her heels into his nipples to see how much this boy really wants to be her property and plaything. The pain is so severe for this poor boy but he wants to be Jessica’s slave so bad that he will endure anything for her. So he suffers and hopes he is pleasing his female master who is at present enjoying a glass of wine while torturing his nipples with her heels. But these guys seems more stupid than he looks. Is he seriously thinking that he has a chance to please her for real? 

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Redhead Mistress relaxing photos:

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