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Feet slave

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Providing real fetish content

God's not a mistake, but that was a first thought when we visited Feet Slave members page. We were thinking that Femdom destiny is completely comprehensive femdom resource, but we definitely were not that since somehow we forgot to notice Feet slave website.It's ok, now this mistake is fixed so you can continue reading this femdom website review.

Outdoor footdom
Leggings mistress

We know how such introduction may sound but once you visit Feet Slave member zone, you will probably agree with us.Before we go straight to the point and that is Feet Slave member zone, we must mention that website design is not match for Feet Slave content, and you shouldn't judge about website regarding it's look, at least in this ,specific case. We say specific, because Feet Slave is really specific website completely devoted to foot domination, foot humiliation and many different footdom methods. We doubt that you will find similar website with so much footdom content as you will find on feet-slave. Yes , there are several high quality foot domination websites, but all of them together don't have so much foot domination content as this one because Feet Slave is completely devoted to foot domination niche and they are doing this really good. So if you are footdom fetish lover, you probably already know that feet slave should be benchmark for all genuine footdom sites and if you are not member already, this is moment to become one of those dirty footdom fetish slaves and check out high quality footdom content available there.

Stockings footdom
Two footdom mistresses
Fishnet footdom mistress

Once you are inside member zone, you won't have any problems trying to figure out where you are. Feet slave member zone is separated into two sections: photo galleries and video section. Simply and strict as female domination itself is.

All photos are made in high quality and latest updates will always be on the top of the page so you don't need to waste your time planned for cock jerking. Also, you will always have information when was last update on the top of member zone start page and probably most important is that this website is constantly updated without delays. If you take into consideration amount of footdom content available there and low price for genuine femdom website, Feet slave deserves attention as "most for your money" offer but we thing that real footdom fetish lovers won't care about this so much. In moment of review, there is more then 400 video clips available inside member zone and more then 30k photos (yes, it is not error, we mean 30 000 photos) and since feet slave is constantly updated, you will probably get more.

Trampling footdom
Foot sucking
Foot humiliation
Foot mistress

There are no any restrictions (DRM , for example), so once you download footdom movies and foot domination photos, you can jerk to them as long as you want and save them inside your footdom collection because they definitely deserve that. As you can see on footdom thumbnails on this page, girls that you will find inside are gorgeous and strict footdom sluts and there is something we really liked regarding content inside. First, it is completely genuine so you won't find it anywhere else, and second, beside male slaves licking, sucking and fucking feet, you will also find some really sexy ladies dominated by their foot mistresses. Also, there is some mixed footdom content where one dominant girl will force female and male slave to worship her in the same time.

As we already mentioned, foot domination content is really different so you will find many things like: foot sucking, feet worship,lezdom foot domination, stockings feet worship,bare, dirty and sweaty feet licking and god only knows what pervert footdom stuff might be inside. So, only thing that we think it is a minus for this website is look and feel of tour pages but that's not something that should bother real footdom fetish lover and if you are still not sure if this site is worth of visiting , click here to see free footdom gallery taken from Feet Slave member zone, with mixed footdom photos. Also, you can see short footdom video also taken from there if you click here.

Teen footdom
Foot domination


Content and Niches on this website :

* Exclusive Content
* Footdom
* Lezdom
* High quality
* Videos

* Barefeet
* Stockings feet
* Foot domination
* No DRM restrictions
* Regular updates

! visit FEET SLAVE now !