Lady Sara Volts

Sara Volts truly lives up to her name in this female domination session as she is forcing her slave to lick her shiny black leather boots before allowing him to go further. Without mercy, she stuns his most sensitive parts and forcing him into submission, before ordering him to start kissing her ass. Clearly, providing this kind of expert therapy is a specialty for Lady Sara as her eyes light up with almost every reaction from her slave. When his excitement is just about to boil over, she thrusts and smothers her perfect ass over his face… now that keeps him quiet!

Lady Sara Volts is one of the sexiest short haired dommes. Many guys here have a fetish for girls with short hair so this update is just for you. Of course, nylon stockings and leather boots fetishist are also going to love these photos of Mistress Sara Volts. Experienced and cruel, she is using a collar to pull slave’s neck and force him to act precisely like she wants.  This is very effective femdom method because no one is immune to good old femdom choking torture.

Unfortunately, in this moment, we don’t have more of her videos or galleries. But that means that there are no more great femdom worship updates similar to this one. I would like to suggest watching some of other great femdom worship updates. Luckily, there is a big variety of things that can be worshiped in a healthy femdom relationship. Some of them are pantyhose worship, socks worship, naked feet, boots, and of course, always actual ass worship. And yes, don’t worry, when I am talking about this subject I didn’t forget female slaves, too. The perfect example of the lesbian femdom is this lezdom foot licking photos gallery. Enjoy it!

Sara Volts worship photos:

Lady Sara Volts
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