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Sarah Spanks men is the website dedicated to a strict UK dominatrix, Mistress Sarah. Her area of expertise, just as the name of sites says, is brutal and harsh spanking and cold caning torture. What is making her different from other spanking femdom Goddesses is the fact that most of her sessions are happening at her home. it seems that she simply enjoy punishing slaves at the comfort of her home. This is fine and pretty interesting. But don’t be fooled, domestic femdom doesn’t mean that it will be easy for the slave. It means something completely different. When Sarah spanks men, she has all the time she needs at her disposal. Have I mentioned that she has all the necessary tools, too? The future doesn’t look so bright for her slaves. So let’s go to today’s spanking photo update.

Mistress Sarah is really enjoying paddling slave Paul’s bare bottom. He deserved it for looking up the girl’s skirts as they worked in the office. Domme Sarah anyway wanted to have fun with him so she summoned him to her home and told him that if he wanted to keep his job, he was to let her beat him right there and right now. He did not like that idea but dominatrix Sarah can be very persuasive and soon had him bending over waiting for the first hits.

Of course, this is not the only photo gallery this spanking dominatrix. Besides regular domestic spanking session, you can see often her in the lesbian spanking rampage. It seems that she doesn’t care is her slave male or female as long as domestic spanking is giving the proper results. And be ensured, with all this experience and anger, the outcome is always the same (and bad for a slave)

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Sarah Spanks Men
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