Schoolgirl Pins

Schoolgirl Pins is the name of the very special website that we missed somehow. What a shame considering what is hidden there. Anyway, this post should fix things now. So what is the Schoolgirl Pins? 

This is a unique website dedicated exclusively to femdom facesitting, but not any kind of facesitting. It is all about very young girls mostly teens or in early 20’s so all those young dominatrix fetish guys are going to love it. There are some photos from this site below where you can see how young and sexy these girls are. Those are not professional models or Mistresses. All the girls look like the normal one you are meeting every day and I would say that this amateur style is making this site so interesting. At least to me. My favorite photos are the last one. Just look at the girl in tight jeans shorts and her cute face while she is threatening a slave that is already pinned down under her ass. What a beautiful scene!

Anyway, I am leaving to you to explore this site. Some of the facesitting photos reminded me to other two great galleries that we have here at Femdom Destiny similar to this subject. I am talking about teen facesitting photos where a cute and young girl is riding slave’s face while she is playing with a teddy bear. The second one is maybe even better or at least, more interesting. It is about sexy butt worship by two slaves. They are both placed on the soft bed.While the first one is pleasing young Mistress, the second one is waiting for his turn to show devotion and respect to this fine young ass. More important than a slave is the Mistress, she is looking so hot in those sexy fishnet stockings with a beautiful boobs pulled out. Enjoy it!

Schoolgirl Pins photos:

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Schoolgirl Pins
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