Severe Slave Training

Severe slave training is considered every successful BDSM slave training where sex slave learn how to behave while earning painful injuries. At least, this is how I would define a good fetish slave training session. Of course, there are softer variations of slave disciplining but the most effective are those featuring pain and damage. Just as with previous CBT bondage slave domination update, the beauty of today’s corporal punishment update is in fact that everything is done at the comfort of home instead of a dark dungeon. 

In the leading role of a dominatrix and headmistress is sexy Dominatrix, Princess Beverly. With a passionate help of Princess Bella, they are forming a genuine BDSM training pair. Their approach is effective and easy to understand. Femdom slaves need to know and accept that his pathetic life and body are under their control. Basically, he is there to be abused, humiliated and hurt until hot brunette says it is enough. The real problem for him is that this won’t happen anytime soon. Why? Because the main goal of this cruel and severe slave training is to establish boundaries. Mistress Beverly wants to know how durable is her new femdom puppy slave servant. There is no better way to find that out than to brutally whip him into total submission. Don’t you agree?

Severe slave training photos

severe slave training

The first thing in a process of severe punishment is to force a slave to be naked. That is not hard and it is possible doing it without applying any kind of physical force. I am trying to say that being sexy and looking so good in high heels like these two dommes is a huge advantage. They already got used to seduce men and get what they want. In the end, how many of you guys would deny sexy teen looking girls? 
young dommes whipping naked male slave

Once he is there on his knees, it is very interesting to watch his erection and penis going down as soon as his fat body starts getting first hits of a leather whip. Things are getting even faster when two dominant girls start tormenting him at the same time.
cruel whipping punishment

After a while, the pain was so strong that slave couldn’t stand on his feet so kneeling became his natural position. Just look at his back and red bruises. The image will say more than thousands of words.

young femdom torture

Anyway, there is nothing so good and motivating for a Domme as a sound coming from harsh hits with a whip in combination with a slave screaming or begging in agony. This reminded me to my favorite dungeon torture video clip with Goddesses from Clubdom. Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent in action against tied and helpless whipping object.

Severe Slave Training
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