Sexy Boss Teasing Slave

sexy boss teasing

Sexy boss teasing bitch, kinky Laura asks her male secretary, Daniel, to bring her some coffee with cream but when he brings in a black coffee and says they have run out she is furious. Dominant as she naturally is, she orders him to strip naked and jerk off to produce some cream of his own! Yeah, just like that. Fast and precise and without any kind of hesitation. So what happened here, how this happened at all?

Laura explains that big boss Sammi has already told her how she humiliated him and now she wants a turn. The guy was shocked but it didn’t take much before he started stroking his dick in front of sexy boss Laura dressed in black nylons and high heels. It seems that this bitch really knows what she is doing and how to make a guy cum fast. As he strips naked, Laura laughs and tells him how small his cock is as he jerks off into her cup. He shoots his load for her and just when he thought that this was great there is one more thing that he must do. Are you guessing? No? Well, he didn’t neither. Kinky boss bitch ordered him to drink his own cum! Yeah, while it is still warm.

I know that many of you guys have a secret crush on girls in the office. All those high heels, tight skirts, nylon stockings or pantyhose make you want to explode. Especially if the girl is dominant and self-confident. To help you ease your tension, here are three great office femdom updates. The first one is about the kinky sissification and forced strapon fucking. The second one is a little bit different. I am talking about brutal spanking in office. The last one is a little bit more classic, about boots worship under the table. Enjoy it!

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Sexy Boss Teasing Slave
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