Sissy Spanking

sissy spanking

Sissy spanking punishment seems like a logical epilog for what this stupid crossdresser did. Basically, he didn’t obey Mistress’s orders. And they were simple. She is demanding from her sissy slave to clean her house and keep it like that. Doesn’t sound complicated, right?

Well, this stupid sissy didn’t do his job properly. After inspection (and that means that Mistress was going with him all around the house) she decided that what he did was pretty messy. And that is the last thing she wants to see at her divine home. Pathetic sissy maid knew immediately that this means some kind of punishment. In this moment he was not aware what she is about to do. Once Mistress told him to bend over and took his panties off, he started to figure out that it is time for some nasty sissy spanking. And he was right. At this point, only questions is ” how long it will take for her to get her satisfaction?.

From comfortable position she picked, it seems that this hard spanking will last for a while. But that is not all. beside punishment, the dominatrix is now asking from him some additional tasks. For example, she ordered him to clean her already clean shoes and make them shiny as possible. She wants her sexy feet to be noticeable wherever she goes. Maybe it seems easy but it is not. Why? because Mistress is so sexy and her curvy body is getting all the attention from men. She has big tits and it won’t be easy to make people look at her feet if her shoes are not flashing around. Will this slave make it and what will happen next if he fails to do fulfill this task, too?

Sissy spanking punishment:

Sissy Spanking
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