Slave Ball Torture

Slave ball torture with a humbler device is nothing new here on Femdom Destiny. I know that many visitors simply love to watch guys suffering from their balls being squeezed and put under pressure. This video is one of those where the guy will eventually understand his vulnerability and how easily he can be controlled. Strange but true, many men are simply not aware how they can become easy targets and how easy is to make them obedient. I guess it is because, in the everyday life, no one is using their balls as the object of brutal play. But once they face a real pain coming from this part of their body, it takes only a few minutes for them to realize how vulnerable they are. Thank God for giving the pair of balls!

So who is in charge in this cruel femdom CBT video? There are  Madame Charlotte and Lady Pascal. You probably know them from some of the previous Sado Ladies videos and photos available here.  Their goals are simple. Mistresses want to remember him who owns his balls. It will take a humbler and a few minutes of a harsh and brutal balls torture. Dommes put them into a heavy pincer and while he has to lick Pascal’s expensive boots Charlotte kicks him in the balls again and again. Then the mean ladies change their position and now it’s Lady Pascal who gives him hard kicks from behind. There is no chance to escape, his balls are totally exposed to the cruel Mistress so his future now depends on her mood. You need to be in such situation to understand the feeling of despair and fear when you are not controlling anything and when each next move can result in the paralyzing pain and agony.

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the favorite femdom torture and CBT devices is a humbler. Here are two galleries related to this subject. The first one is featuring Goddess Ash Holywood in red stockings torturing slave’s balls. The second one is more brutal and like the CBT video below, it is showing two cruel Goddesses from Clubdom destroying a pair of pathetic balls!

Slave ball torture


Slave Ball Torture
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