Slave Training

Slave training in femdom is a very controversial subject and there are various opinions on how it should be done. As every serious topic, different people (Mistresses) has a different approach. Anyway, whatever methods that a dominatrix is using, the goal is always the same. Slave has to learn how to please his Domme and do whatever she told him to do. Time is one of the most valuable assets for every Dominatrix. This is why it is important to train a slave for a specific task and avoid waste of time in the future. No one wants to repeat the same things, again and again, especially a Dominatrix.

In short, a slave had to perfectly overcome all potential problems and give a Mistress exactly what she wants. As mentioned above, there are so many situations in female domination. Sometimes, Dommes are asking for the most incredible and unexpected things. Depending on the Mistress’s mood and her needs, she can demand equally unexpected other things necessary to keep things functioning. Belo, you can see some of the most usual female domination training sessions by dominant mistresses.

Slave training methods:

human animal training

Explaining to a slave that his rights are the same as for any other animal is one of the ways to make him understand things. To do so, some Goddesses will literally make them behave like dogs for example. This includes a collar, leather mask and of course, unavoidable barking by the submissive guy.

pegging domination

Harder slave training is what some Mistresses love to do. Is there anything so hard like getting a huge black strapon dildo directly inside your anus? Experiences people saying that once you get it inside your ass, it will learn you to behave properly in the future.

slave training

Foot domination and foot worship are one of the easiest things for the slave in femdom. But when more Mistresses get together, it is a completely different story. Once a slave is forced to repeat same things like feet kissing so many times, we can talk about real slave training, in footdom category.

femdom sissy humiliation

We all know that sissy maids are some of the most obedient femdom servants. Having a personal slave responsible for house duties, it is something that every Mistress should have. But how to know is a slave suitable for maintaining house properly? It takes an extensive sissy training by Goddess to get what she wants.

electro cbt

Girls believing that dominance and submission are not complete without slave experiencing the pain will choose electrostimulation as a preferred way to discipline a slave. Can’t argue with that. Once the man feels electric current going through his genitals, there is nothing that he will refuse to do, only to avoid more cock torture in the future.

brutal caning training

Sometimes a cane is enough to get the job done if a Goddess is motivated enough. And Mistress Sarah is always motivated for some brutal caning and spanking.

brutal cock and balls torture

One of the most terrifying things for every man is to lose his manhood. Some of the Dommes love to use that fear as leverage. Of course, with a little help of a sharp knife or a sword, it is easier to convince slave to obey.

Slave Training
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