Small Dick Punishment

Small dick punishment you are about to see below is not about the CBT femdom torture, as you would think at first. It is about making slave husband feel embarrassed and humiliated because of the size of his penis. 

Having a small dick can really be frustrating. For a man and for his wife. Actually, it is especially bad for her. Dissatisfactory sexual life leads int toe frustration, aggression, and depression. The self-confident and dominant wife simply won’t allow that. Well aware of her sexuality and how good she is looking, she decided to make things straight. To do so, besides her pathetic husband, she needs a young and potent male that will help please her. With a leather black skirt, high heels and black stockings, no one will turn her off. Easily seduced, a new stud followed her to the apartment where a hubby was already waiting. Once they are there, handsome cuckold domme ordered her slave husband to put his pants down. She wants that other guy also see how small dick he has. Take a look at the first picture where Mistress is pulling his hair. Incredibly small dick that which size is hardly different from the testicles.

OK, so once they found that his penis is very small, it is time for a small dick punishment. Domme forced him to get on his knees. That is always the best position to be a witness of your wife getting other dick. And this fucking will last for a while. She was so neglected that now is the moment to compensate that. While her hubby is watching the penetration from the close, another guy is not talking much. I am sure he is is just thankful that he got a chance to fuck this beautiful lady. He will do everything it takes to make this last. That includes cumming on MIstress’s husband face at the end. But before that, cuckold humiliation is not complete without some good old spitting humiliation straight into the slave’s wide open mouth. 

Small dick punishment:


Small Dick Punishment
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