Smothering Shiny Ass Dominatrix

Smothering is a kind of art form. If a Mistress is seriously into it, she needs to be very careful when bringing things to the edge. Extreme smothering means that the dominatrix must precisely know how far she can go before slave loose all his air and go unconsciousness. Luckily for this guy on the smothering gallery below, Mistress Ezada Sinn is the real expert. Sure, facesitting domination is not her only expertise, but today we are going to see her in the spectacular example of ass domination.

Knowing that there can’t be enough humiliation, mistress ordered a slave to dress like a female. Once she is satisfied with the slave’s new sissy look, it is a time for the ass domination and the humiliation. Mistress Ezada knows that it is natural that people start to kick when they are out of the air. This is normal but she wants to prevent it. The best way is to tie his hand so he can’t resist.

Once this was done, it is time to use that dominant and sexy ass. Beautiful and handsome, her butt looks now even better than usual. Probably because she picked up on of the hottest costumes that I’ve ever seen. Shiny and sheer, it is making you want to lick her. Anyway, once facesitting session started, dominatrix knows how important is to keep slave horny. Teasing him verbally is often not enough because guys are concentrated in getting air. There is one other thing she can easily do. While sitting on his face and smothering him hard, Mistress Ezada is slowly playing with his genitals. To be more precise, she is giving him a femdom handjob,  periodically. Just enough to see him reacting properly.

Below, you can see a  short video preview from this smothering session. Jut enough to show you how this scene looks like.

Smothering domination preview:



Smothering Shiny Ass Dominatrix
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