Sweaty Feet Licking

Sweaty feet licking sounds like the win-win situation, for the Mistress and a slave. Why? Because the slave will get a chance to taste stinky female sweat while the Goddess will get a proper feet massage. Is there anything better for the tired feet after a long day than to be massaged with the warm and wet tongue? I doubt there is a female that will disagree. If they do so, the only reason could be that they never tried. Luckily, there are dominant females smart enough to practice this almost every day. 

You are looking at one of those women. Her name is Mistress Nikki. Without an expression of her face, she is enjoying watching a slave from above. Just as it should be. I love how she is not showing any kind of emotions, additionally confusing the slave. This is a very smart approach. This way the slave is not aware is he licking tired feet properly. This means that he will do additional effort to please her. At the same time, Mistress didn’t spend any additional strength to make him lick more and harder. Smart, isn’t it?

At the sweaty feet licking photos on this page, you are seeing slave kneeling and lying down in the different positions. This is very important. For a proper stinky feet cleaning, it is necessary to lick them from all directions. Of course, without a mistress moving much. She is there to enjoy and relax. This is why the slave is trying to reach every part of her foot, looking for some additional dirt between pedicured toes. I know you also noticed a very specific location where these pictures are taken. If you are wondering where is this femdom dungeon located, you will get more info at this site, together with various foot domination and foot worship videos and photos. Enjoy!

Sweaty feet licking photos

sweaty feet licking forced foot worshipMistress Nikki Foot Domination

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Sweaty Feet Licking
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