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The English Mansion is definitely one of the biggest female supremacy websites available online today. If you still somehow missed the chance to check exclusive content in the member’s area, this page is the perfect for you. You are about to see Mistress Sidonia Von Bork and her sex slaves in some of the cruelest and shocking slave training femdom videos and photos. But, the best thing is that this is not fantasy femdom but the real-life torture sessions from

The English Mansion

Dominatrix Sidonia is not the only one here, even if she is the Headmistress featured in the most femdom movies and practically porn videos. Why porn? Because female domination sessions are filled with fetish sex in places where men are abused humiliated. Almost every one of the subs eventually ends like sex slave but before getting there, they are subjected to the cock ball torture, facesitting, brutal strapon fucking, sissification and various scenarios where Dommes are using men for their pleasure.

Femdom Rubber Slave

Femdom rubber slave is just going through one of the worst nightmares of every man. Just trying to imagine yourself lying helpless and restrained to the medical exam chair while two cruel Goddesses are standing …

Femdom Boss

Femdom boss is the term used to describe a dominant female that is ranked higher than you in the office where you work. Many times I’ve heard guys using this expression as a joke when …

Morrigan Hel Training Maid

London Dominatrix, redhead Mistress Morrigan Hel in tight latex dress and sexy sheer stockings  ,is training her personal maid servant in PVC and with his cock locked in chastity device. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM …

Femdom Sex Photos

Femdom sex photos of a Mistress T being served are some of the best in this category. As you are probably expecting from a real Dominatrix as Mistress T, she has a special place inside …

Sissy Slut Fucked In Office

Two sexy dommes strapon fucking and brutally humiliating one of their employees, now dressed as a real sissy femdom slut. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SISSY SLUTS FUCKED

Femdom Spit Roast

Femdom spit roast torture seems like the perfect thing to do on a sunny day. Leather Mistress Sidonia Von Bork standing above spit roasted slave and controlling him so he can’t even try to evade …

Mistress Ruining Sex

After ordering two slaves (male and female) to fuck each other, mistress forced them to stop fucking just when guy wanted to cum. Double humiliation and orgasm control skill. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM SEX …

Chained Sissy Slave

The financial investor is invited to a meeting with Eve and Nina to discuss the irregular activities on their mother’s account. He tries to deny the wrong doings but the ladies soon have him in …

Outdoor Slave Training

Shiny boots and tight white riding pants are all it takes to make this naked femdom slave horny. That is also something that he will remember for a lifetime after his dominatrix finish his training. …

Helpless Chastity Slave

Did you ever wonder how it looks like to be really helpless under your Mistress? This tied slave in woods (with cock locked in chastity), photo gallery can be one of the answers to your …

Lady Boss Shoe Worship

Classy Lady Boss in sexy black stockings is learning new employee what will be his main duty, from now until she decide to keep him there.       CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATE

Humiliation During Working Hours

Working hours are best time to rest your sweaty feet and this Mistress know this very well. Behind locked doors, she is foricing her colegue to worship her feet in stockings while she is taking …

Sexy Leg Teasing

Tall blonde seductress in high platform shoes and black nylon stockings is teasing a guy that had to cum on her sexy feet. CLICK HERE FOR THIS FEMDOM SITE

Mud Licking Footdom Slave

Naked chastity slave lying down in mud while two mistresses in stockings and leather are forcing him to lick mud from their dirty boot soles. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

Medical MIlking and Cum Sample

Busty nurses milking tied slave with a goal to take his sperm sample.  Injured slave can’t easily cum so they decided to fuck him for a while so they can speed up process. CLICK HERE …

Domme Bondage Torture

Domme bondage photo gallery you are looking at is showing the introduction into the brutal cock stretching torture session. To ensure that slave will stay fixed to one position before she starts torturing his cock, …

Filthy Bisex Humiliation

Teased and aroused by tall goddess with big tits, suddenly,naive slave found himself in awkward situation where another guy is sucking his cock while his mistress is holding him. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

New Sissy Slaves Training

With a smile on her face experienced dominatrix is training two guys to become sissy slaves. With a help of erection device and but plugs ,conversion will be complete without problem. CLICK HERE TO VISIT …

Rubber Bisex Domination

Slave in chastity must watch his rubber mistress being pleased by another slave and when she decided that is enough, he is forced to suck his cock and lick  his balls. CLICK HERE FOR MORE …

Forced Faggot Femdom

Is there anything more humiliating then to be captured by three sexy goddess and forced to be faggot and suck another slave’s cock while they are laughing and holding you? CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATION

Rubber Maid Servant

Sissy femdom slave dressed as a rubber maid servant,with his cock locked, must server three mistresses during dinner. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM SERVING

Femdom Sex Instructor

After putting them on their place (and that is under her boots), Mistress T decided to be a real femdom sex instructor and to learn male slave how to please a female. She used her …

Black Smoking Mistress

Tight and petite ebony dominatrix in sexy costume smoking in her backyard while white slave must show some respect for her and there is no better way then to lick her high heels.  CLICK HERE …

Femdom Horse Fucking

After putting slave into humiliating position and forcing him to act like human horse, it  is time for humiliating strapon fucking and anal violation.  MORE FUCKED AND HUMILIATED HUMAN ANIMALS

Chastity Slave Training

Two strict bitches in lather and nylons , training naked male slave with his cock locked inside chastity device. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SLAVE TRAINIGS

CFNM Caning

Free CFNM photos from Humiliating caning session where three sexy and strict mistresses in pantyhose are caning naked male slave and laughing to his cock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION