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The English Mansion is definitely one of the biggest female supremacy websites available online today. If you still somehow missed the chance to check exclusive content in the member’s area, this page is the perfect for you. You are about to see Mistress Sidonia Von Bork and her sex slaves in some of the cruelest and shocking slave training femdom videos and photos. But, the best thing is that this is not fantasy femdom but the real-life torture sessions from

The English Mansion

Dominatrix Sidonia is not the only one here, even if she is the Headmistress featured in the most femdom movies and practically porn videos. Why porn? Because female domination sessions are filled with fetish sex in places where men are abused humiliated. Almost every one of the subs eventually ends like sex slave but before getting there, they are subjected to the cock ball torture, facesitting, brutal strapon fucking, sissification and various scenarios where Dommes are using men for their pleasure.

Public Strapon Femdom

Public outdoor strapon femdom humiliation of slave that must recieve mistresse’s strap on, doggystyle. Dominatrix is dressed in tight rubber and armed with teasing red strapon. CLICK HERE FOR MORE STRAP ON FEMDOM

Femdom Handjob Mistress

Handsome goddess in see through plastic costume stroking salve’s cock while her male bitch is also covered in plastic. Great plastic fetish photo gallery.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM FETISH PHOTOS

Domestic Bisex Humiliation

Already teased by his sexy wife in white stockings, now it is time to be confused. While he was on his knees watching his sexy and dominant wife, another guy that she called entered room. …

Office Sissification

Mistress T and Mistress Sidonia Von Bork, dressed to tease are demanding from their slave to also wear sexy nylon stockings and skirt. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATED GUYS

Forced To Lick Asses

With balls pulled and stretched, slave is forced to obey to orders coming from two smoking hot mistresses in stockings.If slave don’t want to see his balls completely ruined, he must worship and kiss those …

Femdom Bisex Blowjob

Slave with small dick punished for having such small cock and his punishment is to suck other guy’s cock that have proper size mistresses wants. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

Black Strapon Mistress

Petite ebony femdom goddess in boots and tight pantyhose fucking naked white slave with a huge black strap on while he is begging for mercy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM TORTURE

Femdom Tranny Slaves

Two pathetic male slaves forced to dress like trannyies ballerinas dancing in front of their busty blonde femdom mistress. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SLAVE HUMILIATION

Fake Vagina Humiliation

Have you ever witnessed a forced femdom milking and cock penetration stimulation? A fake vagina is the perfect tool for this and Mistress know very well how to milk the tied slave and control his …

Brutal Femdom Fisting

Femdom fisting is a pretty sensitive thing to do. Before every session, there are few things that have to be done. Most important is, of course, the hygiene. Once dominatrix is sure that her slave …

Femdom Sex Video

Femdom sex video of blonde mistress riding slave’s cock while he is depraved and wrapped under her handsome body.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM VIDEOS    

Strapon Sissy Fuck

A tall slave dressed in black nylon stockings as sissy slut,fucked in his tight arse by two femdom bitches in their backyard. CLICK TO SEE MORE FUCKED SISSY SLAVES   

Femdom Party

Three busty femdom bitches in tight dresses and black nylon stockings having party with one slave. Face sitting,smothering,verbal humiliation and teasing session for a pathetic sub. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

Femdom Gloryhole

Mistress T and another sexy mistress in leather boots and black stockings, forcing male slave into brutal femdom humiliation, to be more precise, femdom gloryhole where he will experience his first bisex blowjob. VISIT …

Sissy Dancing

Male slave dressed as a femdom sissy is forced to humiliate himself in front of six cruel mistresses that are watching him dancing. VISIT THIS SITE

Strapon Gangbang

Three strict femdom bitches dressed in stockings and sexy boots banging slave’s tight ass and mouth with strapons. Group strapon ganbang humiliation. VISIT ENGLISH MANSION

Sidonia Von Bork Caning Slave

Blonde dominatrix, Mistress Sidonia From The English Mansion punishing naked male slave with brutal caning. Slave have to bend over while Mistress in long dress and nylon stockings, is is hitting him VISIT THIS SITE

Ebony BDSM Femdom

Ebony BDSM mistress dressed in black latex costume and latex boots is torturing bound and naked femdom slave tied in her dungeon. VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Extreme Wax Torture

Extreme hot wax torture of slave hanged upside down.Blonde Mistress brutally torturing slave with big amounts of hot wax.   VISIT THIS EXTREME FEMFDOM SITE

Femdom Sissy Party

Sissy slaves used as personal servants on this private femdom party where seven cruel mistresses are using men as objects for humiliation and female domination power exchange. VISIT ENGLISH MANSION

Latex Mistres Fucking Slave

Femdom sex dominatrix brutally riding slave’s cock after she teased him and sucked his dick.Sex domme is dressed in black latex suite and black boots with high heels even while she is fucking him.Of course, …

Mistress Fucking Slave

Boots mistress fucking male tied male slave.Free video of mistress fucking male slave until she is pleased and slaves completely teased. VISIT THIS SITE

Femdom Fisting

Tatooeed redhead dominatrix in black latex is using various strapon dildos of different shapes and sizes to fuck slaves mouth and ass.But that is just introduction and preparation for more brutal,painful and humiliating torture: femdom …

Femdom Sex

Dominatrix in boots teasing masked slave and riding his cock.Femdom sex photos of horny mistress fucking depraved male slave. VISIT THIS SITE

Lost Cuckold Bet

Stupid husband gambled his wife that is now fucking another men,in front of him. VISIT THIS SITE