Teen Girls Spitting

Teen girls spitting might sound strange if you are an older guy but in today’s kinky world of female domination, it is a totally normal thing. High school girls today are quite different compared to years ago and that is just fine. Basically, this is the age where dominant girls are separating from the ordinary ones. Discovering a real nature and what brings satisfaction is probably one of the most important periods in the life of every dominatrix. Girl spits on a slave is not a painful experience but it is pretty humiliating and can be totally fun. This is what you are looking at humiliating photos below. 

Two young and sexy bitches in tight blue jeans decided to have some fun. In the process of exploring the sexuality, everything seems interesting but there is nothing that can give so much pleasure as having a man on his knees waiting for their next move. One of the bitches proposed to put him a rope around his neck and drag him around the apartment. It was the real fun at the beginning but it became boring after a while once they figured out that pathetic guy is absolutely submissive. So something has to bring things to the next level. At that point, blonde Goddess, Mistress Katja proposed to spit on his ugly face and see how that goes. Of course, other girl accepted it immediately and they started working as a pair. Girls spitting at the same time means more saliva for the guy to handle. And he can’t do shit except waiting that girls are bored with this method. From what we seeing here, spitting girls are having some serious fun and they won’t stop anytime soon.

If you are a regular visitor of Femdom Destiny then you know that a young femdom dominatrix Mistress Katja loves abusing men in a pair with other dominant girls. Check out one more of her domination sessions where she is forcing a slave to worship ass in jeans.

Teen girls spitting

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Teen Girls Spitting
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