Thongs Facesitting

Thongs facesitting photos are a fantastic example how every place can be used as the playground for the female domination. When I think better, is there a  better place to humiliate a slave than on the floor of the toilet? Probably and it is called a femdom dungeon. But not every girl has such serious place at her disposal when it comes to the slave humiliation. Especially young females just getting into the kinky world of femdom slave humiliation. 

As for everything in a life, it is important to be imaginative and to have the ability to improvise. Well, this young blonde Domme has it both. She decided to do her favorite method of femdom humiliation and that is amateur face sitting domination. But the best part of it is her idea to pin down slave to the dirty floor of the public toilet! Let’s forget about the dirt, for a moment. Try to place yourself in the position of this ass facesitting slave. He doesn’t know when someone can step in and see him humiliated and suffering under sexy girl and her dominant ass. This is exactly what makes this amateur facesitting session so interesting and unpredictive. And the unpredictive is one of the key ingredients for every fem dom punishment scenarios. Loosing privacy under sexy ass can be quite embarrassing if someone familiar sees you. Don’t you agree?

Sure you do and this German Domme knows that very well so this gives her an additional leverage, so she can force her terms and get some love for that demanding big ass. Being smothered with the female ass is one of the most common fantasies for many men. Actually, we had a voting here at Femdom Destiny recently where visitors said that their top female supremacy fetish is the facesitting! Thi is why I will recommend you to click on any of the ass domination photos below, and you will see a new page with hundreds of high quality and top rated facesitting femdom videos and galleries.

Thongs facesitting

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Thongs Facesitting
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