Tina Kay Face Sitting

Tina Kay

Tina Kay, the beautiful femdom Mistress loves humiliating lowly male slaves for her amusement. This time is no different. She really enjoys having her ass licked, she finds it very relaxing. While she is reading her book she uses her slave’s face as her ass cushion. When she becomes bored of facesitting she hikes up her skirt and orders him to lick her asshole properly. She teases her chastity cage while grinding on his face.

Should we mention how sexy and handsome is this gorgeous Lithuanian dominatrix? no need of course, and you are about to see that in femdom facesitting video below just like this pathetic guy will see it clearly from his perspective. Yes, she is young and she knows that very well. That means that Tina Kay has to learn a lot (what doesn’t mean she is not experienced enough in slave humiliation). That is why she is using her time for relaxation to read a kinky book about Japanese bondage. There, she will get some nasty ideas that she can always try on her slaves. While she is reading and learning, it is logical that Mistress wants to spend it properly. This means that she is using the same time to learn, but also to practice some domination and to get her tight anal hole licked and served. Just as her sweaty ass really deserve. Enjoy this femdom facesitting video below just like gorgeous Tina Kay did it while slave’s tongue was touching her gentle butt hole.

Tina Kay video:


Tina Kay Face Sitting
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