Toe Sucking Pics

Toe sucking pics you are looking at is proof that some women simply know how to live how they want. They tend to enjoy every moment and making it even better than it is. Today’s sexy feet pics are about this type of woman. She doesn’t have to be mature and experienced. Simply, some girls are natural egoists and having inborn contempt for men. This is an ideal combination and a starting point for a successful future of a female supremacist. Before you start enjoying this exclusive photo gallery, I will suggest checking out collection of more best femdom pics.

Anyway, have you ever heard about peegasm? If not, that’s the moment when a person suddenly starts pissing and releasing urine after withholding it for a longer period. It is a very pleasant feeling activating the same or similar brain receptors as those stimulated during orgasm. I know that many of you now think that this foot fetish gallery is somehow connected to femdom toilet slavery, but it isn’t. At least not in a classic way.

While enjoying the mentioned peegasm, the young hot brunette in schoolgirl uniform decided to make everything even better and more comfortable to her. This is why you are looking at a slave being on his knees in front of this sexy babe. In essence, this is a classic amateur footdom female domination session or how I love to call it, domestic femdom.

Toe sucking pics

Mistress sitting on toilet

Hot teen girl’s name is Mistress Bella. She is fully aware of her sexiness and about men having a fetish for long female feet. The guy you are barely seeing because he is busy with hot foot sucking is a friend from class. They have a secret deal no one knows about. At least this is what this naive foot slave things. But that’s some other story for the next time. What is important is that he is obsessed with her gorgeous toes and things like foot job. He won’t get any, at least not today, but he is getting another chance to serve this kinky Goddess. 

slave taking down mistress's shoes

While slowly taking her sexy high heels stiletto shoes off, he can clearly feel the thrill and excitement suddenly rising. Anyone having this or similar reaction (increased heart rate for example) when looking at feet pics can now be sure he is definitely into foot fetishism. At the same time, the mistress started leaking and pissing slow, just as she was planning for a while.

toe sucking pics

Once her sexy feet are free from white nylon stockings, that are smelly by the way, foot licking can finally start. Maybe it looked like the eternity for a slave but all this happened in a few minutes only. All that anticipation and embarrassment at the same time will make you will that worship her feet lasts longer than it really is. 

dirty stinky feet fetish

The last of toe sucking pics above is showing the relief and alleviation mistress feels while combining pissing with a wet toe sucking porn. I am saying porn because these kinds of grimaces are usually reserved for strong orgasms. Licking feet slave is trying to give his best so he can keep a position of a perfect feet worshipper. You know, hot amateur girls so hot and sexy like Mistress Bella can easily replace any slave with a new one. This is an additional motivation for him to try to stay ranked as top rated footdom servant choice for her, at least for a while. For someone so pathetic who loves sucking, it is an ultimate achievement. You gotta understand the poor guy.

Toe Sucking Pics
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