Toilet Humiliation Ass Licking

Toilet humiliation comes as the logical epilog after taking a shit, at least for Mistress Nina. This divine goddess knows how to joints nice and helpful and this about to do it. usually, when she is shitting, it lasts for a while. She loves to check her phone and see their pathetic messages of worship. 

When she is done, Mistress walks out to the living room and there is her pathetic slave right where she left it- like the robot that it is. Mistress Nina lay down, snap her fingers, and command it to get to cleaning that sexy ass. After all, who needs to use toilet paper or even touch themselves back there when you have the subhuman slave to literally lick you clean at the snap of the fingers?? And we all know that they are so pathetic that they probably actually enjoy licking the shit out of the ass anyway LOL. 

What else to do but to lay down and check her texts while she gets that ass licked clean. But she wants it really clean. Mistress want it cleaned better than toilet paper. Toilet humiliation means that Goddess bung-hole is cleaned out on the inside too! So she changes positions and get up on the couch and yank on the slave’s leash to put it in position. Blonde femdom goddess Nina keeps checking her texts, of course- because it is like just second nature for a woman as hot as she to have her ass licked clean by inferior people. ūüôā

Toilet Humiliation:

Mistress Shitting
slave in chastity
Mistress Nina
ass cleaning

But the idiot STILL isn’t getting in DEEP enough for her!! So she put him into the ultimate ass-cleaning position- bent over backward and face UP! Now Mistress can just lower her full weight onto slave’s stupid face and spread her cheeks nice and wide. At that moment Mistress finally feel a tongue getting in their NICE and DEEP for her!! That probably felt like this idiot was licking her colon clean! Haha! Dominatrix didn’t care if he was having problems breathing under her sexy, round booty. It’s a SLAVE- who cares about ITS need?? LOL. And isn’t it LUCKY just to be down there? I mean, you all probably WISH u could taste what Mistress had for lunch like this, huh? Pathetic but useful! ūüôā

Toilet Humiliation Ass Licking
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