Trampling Boots

Trampling boots fetish is one of the strongest and hardest when it comes to sexy boots worship. So many men are turned on by a pair of nice and expensive boots and believe me, most of the girls are perfectly aware of that. Most of them will be satisfied just to tease guys but there are some that will use their boots as a tool to inflict pain and humiliation to the opposite sex. You are about to see one of those kinky amateur girls enjoying brutal trampling while wearing her favorite over knee high boots.

Dressed in black and armed with a whip, only fingernails colored in green are standing out while she is threatening a slave and ordering him to go down on the ground. 

Trampling boots

kinky domina

I guess that first thing you would like to know regarding this boots trampling gallery is the name of the girl. If you are one of the older visitors of Femdom Destiny, you will maybe remember that this strict and beautiful Domme is known as Lady Jenny. She is one of the cutest but also very dangerous foot fetish and foot domination European female supremacy models.

mistress with a leather whip

Definitely, someone not to fuck with and this poor guys understood her serious face in a proper way. While being on the ground, slave boy is getting a chance to meet her high quality boots from the closest proximity. Mistress Jenny is wearing her favorite pair made of black leather. Knowing how many different pieces of sexy footwear she has, these leather boots are having a special place in her collection. 

The submissive guy should be grateful for having an opportunity to serve under them and to feel the scent of perfectly maintained leather. You probably know what I am talking about, a smell that will turn most of the men on as soon as they inhale it. 

Dominatrix spitting

Once cruel Goddess starts trampling and standing on slave’s chest she wants to absolutely humiliate him. Just standing there simply doesn’t seem enough. I am not saying that cruel trampling isn’t enough. I am saying that I completely understand an urge to something else, to make femdom embarrassment complete.

While standing above him and watching him in his misery coming from pushing high heels deep inside his body, Goddess Jane is thinking what would be the fastest and most appropriate thing to do before the end of the brutal trampling session. it didn’t take long before she figured out that would that be.

You know, one of the things that people around the world are doing when they hate and despise someone is to instinctively spit on him. In some cultures, it is considered as an act of ultimate humiliation and top rated method to show dislike for someone or for what he is doing. Same applies to erotic femdom humiliation except for the reason here is a pure existence of other sex. Inborn hate toward men. 

On the close up photo above, you can see Lady Jenny’s face from the close and how she is slowly collecting saliva until her mouth is full of it. 

trampling boots

How that goes, you can see by the all that spit going down slave’s face above. You must admit, this is a very powerful photo of a young German girl trample stomping solo male. While her stiletto boots crushing his weak body, the only thing he can do is to stay down and pray to a Good that all that pressure will stop soon. 

If you are new into femdom trampling torture, you should know that this not the worst thing cruel ladies can to their foot slaves. When a Mistress puts on sexy and sometimes even dirty boots, she can choose to perform even more extreme trampling and boots crushing methods. For example, take a look at painful domestic face trample and foot worship scene. But if you think that you have seen it all, wait to see CBT trampling torture where a Mistress trampling a guy and devastating his genitals in a fierce cock trampling domination session.

Trampling Boots
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