Trampling Girls

Trampling girls session you are about to see started as an ordinary solo female foot trampling torture. When I say ordinary, this means it is expected one on one action where a Dominant girl is standing on solo male while wearing high heels shoes. This is just fine but what is making this scene so special is what happens next, once Mistress trampling slave became bored. Well, yes, believe it or not, it happens all the time. If you somehow manage to see things from the dominatrix perspective, you will know that abusing and torturing slaves in the same manner all over again can be monotonous and dull.

Trampling girls photos

So this is exactly what happened here. High quality and brutal female supremacy trampling session is about to be enriched with more cruel development. Once more hot and young girls join the already painful event, it is just a matter of time when a male slave will get to the breaking point. I hope you all know what that is. If you don’t let me tell you. This is a moment when a submissive guy simply can’t handle it anymore. It is not exclusively related to any female domination torture method and you will often see it in various scenarios. Ballbusting, strapon torture, cock and ball torture, you name it. It depends on the slave’s ability to withstand pressure and pain Mistress is delivering. Experienced slaves will be able to handle it longer but there is no man that won’t break if a Domina is persistent enough.

high heels trampling torture

So how it looks like when a slave finally breaks down? In short, it is a culmination of humiliation mixed with loud screaming and usually begging for Mistress to stop whatever she is doing. Some of those idiots will even start to curse but a serious Goddess knows that at this point, their consciousness is totally fucked up and they can’t think well and understand what they are doing. 

There are many new videos here on site showing what I am talking about. You can search and watch some of the cruelest and most extreme domination sessions. Personally, my favorites are the ones with muscular men begging for mercy. Oh, I love that point when they figure out how helpless they are and they are totally dependent on Mistress’s will to let them go or continue torturing them. This reminded me to recommend a harsh and brutal whipping torture scene where two Dommes are punishing BDSM slave. The trick is that the intention from the beginning was to break him so they tied his limbs. This way agony will be worst ever since there is literally nothing he can do once the shit hits the fan.

young dommes

But let’s get back to the trampling girls subject. I’ve got too far away from what is going on here. As mentioned above, thing quickly escalated and got more serious for a slave once more beautiful girls joined the group trampling footdom session. I would say that three is the maximum number of how many women can find a place on the slave’s body. Actually, in the most extreme scenario, maybe there would be a place for one more dominant woman standing on slave’s face. But let’s not overdo it, at least not today, ok? Three girls standing on the femdom slave is already more than enough. Every single trampling slave out there knows how hard can it be to cope with one Mistress, and not with three crazy bitches at once.

trampling girls

So what happens next is a real girl trampling debauchery. Submissive guys must handle the weight of all three ladies. Yep, they look handsome and pretty skinny but do you know what really means when you have three grown-up persons standing on you while you can’t move? If you don’t then I will suggest searching for more femdom trampling videos here on Femdom Destiny to get a better idea.

trampling foot domination

Anyway, even if everything started with high heels, things changed how the session was progressing. Now the slave is facing some dirty feet and stinky female feet. From his position, it is hard to precisely see who has sweaty feet and what girl is seriously taking care of feet hygiene. Whatever that is, triple trampling photo above seems like the heaven for foot fetishists and people into worshipping of sexy women feet.

Actually, all those toes and arches reminded me to one more of the updates fitting trampling domination category. Take a look at black stockings worship foot domination gallery which has grown into full bodyweight trampling by an amateur lady.

three girls trampling sub

After looking at this exclusive trampled pics, and having a chance of watching a full video, I’ve started wondering is there something else that I’ve missed here on Femdom Destiny. I mean, som form of trampling domination where trampled slave could suffer even more. Is this possible? 

Well, I am not sure and the only thing coming to my mind is some kind of BBW trampling where few fat ladies would concentrate all their power on a single slave. At this point, I am not aware of such video or a gallery. So if you had a chance to see something like this, be free and leave a comment with a link so I can publish it as the next hottest recommended footdom humiliation session.

Until then, enjoy these divine young ladies having a great time together while learning slave a lesson of brutal trampling punishment. Actually, their teamwork reminded me of one more of the older exclusive content episodes with a similar theme. I am talking about only two but top-notch trampling pics of two ladies in stilettos doing some nasty domestic trample domination. 

Trampling Girls
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