Trampling in Office

Trampling in office you are looking at is the logical result of what just happened. Just take a look at the first photo where a sexy boss in nylon stockings is standing on the ladders. Well, every male will admit that is is a very tempting view but some things are simply forbidden. Considering his age, that is something this employee should learn long ago. But as people say, it is never late for a good lesson. 

Just like when you are hypnotized, it is hard to stop staring at the sexy butt and legs in the nylon stockings. While the naive guy was staring at his boss, she noticed that everything is too silent and that something is wrong. As soon as she turned around, the blonde girl saw her colleague staring at her. She tried to cough and interrupt this awkward situation but the guy was simply frozen. Ok, that’s it! It is time to learn him a lesson!

Since he like looking at her from the below, his new Goddess will now give him a chance to do it for a while. Is there a better way than to stand on his chest while he is pinned down to the floor? But before she started this unexpected trampling in office torture, Mistress demands one more thing. She wants her high heels licked and worshipped properly. This way, her new slave will show a total devotion to his role. The trampling session will last for a while so she locked the doors. This means that no one will save him and interrupt them and that move is what ruined his last hope that this will end soon. 

Trampling in office

 upskirt office forced shoes worship

I must admit that MIstress is very thoughtful (I wouldn’t be in her place, that’s for sure). She knows how important for this pathetic guy to stare at her so she prepared a special sight. Dominant Goddess took off her skirt and trampled him only in sexy black lingerie. I can bet that this is one of those days that he will remember till the very end of his pathetic life. 

  mistress in lingerie trampling in office

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