Trampling Pics

Trampling pics number in today’s update is limited only to two. I know, this is not a satisfactory number but the video where from they are made is one of the best female domination trampling videos in the last period. Hot girls with sexy legs in high heels look extraordinary while standing all over the naked slave. What also makes this femdom trampling update so cool is the place where the slave it tortured. There is something really nice when you see girls dominating subs effortlessly at home. Below is the description of the trampling pics explaining what is going on.

Young Dominatrix Goddess Carmela and Princess Bela are having on of those regular domestic female supremacy sessions at their home. Basically, you are looking at the aftermath and the second part of a ballbusting torture session that made this slave stay on the ground and not being able to defend himself. That sounds like the perfect chance to check how much pain he can actually take. Considering his current condition, the best thing to do now is to force some worship and make him lick female feet. At least that is what Goddess Carmela think that they should do. But, Kinky Miss Bella suggested something else. What about the femdom trampling? He will still have to be on the ground, but this way, more pain will be delivered especially with those spiked high heels bitches are wearing.

It didn’t take long for the girls to agree so they chained his hands behind the back and placed him right down on the doormat. Then its two Princesses, in sharp black heels started bouncing up and down on his belly. The pathetic slave’s stomach looks totally swollen like a balloon ready to explode. Of course, dommes don’t give a fuck about that. Actually, it is motivating them even more. They are probably more worried about falling off than the doormat slave. Trampling is the type of footdom but this is the one where female feet are used to inflict the pain, not to be worshipped. So, girls managed to make this guy go from silent to begging for mercy in a matter of a few minutes. You can actually pinpoint the moment he breaks although you will have to watch the video instead of the photos. It is available on the website where from this update is coming. Click on the trampling pics below to see that site in the new browser window.

Trampling picsTrampling pics

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Trampling Pics
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